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Luxury Terry Cloth Robe - Hooded (White)

Luxury Terry Cloth Robe - Hooded (White)

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"It's so comfy, it's super lightweight, it doesn't feel heavy. The material is really smooth. I LOVE that it has a hoodie. All in all, it's a perfect robe, I am so glad I found it. Thank you for creating such an awesome product."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alesha B. 
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When shopping for a bathrobe, it’s all-too easy to buy one that is too thin, easily worn down and simply not absorbent enough. The dreamy, luxurious bathrobe seen in hotel commercials and movies seems impossible to have at home.  Instead, one is left with a bathrobe that soaks easily, causing shivers and chills even in the summer and simply gets worn out after a handful of washes. Finding a thick, warm and heavy towel bathrobe can be a real struggle

Crescentt’s Velvetica™ Bathrobe ticks the boxes for a warm, luxurious and super absorbent bathrobe to add to your towel-etry. Made of high-quality, super soft and warm velvet on the outside, combined with premium 100% turkish cotton on the inside, Velvetica is the perfect addition to your bathroom for years to come. Super durable, comfortable antibacterial from natural cotton, this bathrobe will not only satisfy desires for comfort but truly bring home a 5-star hotel spa experience.

hooded bathrobe


✅ SUPER ABSORBENT: Made of thick, 1200 GSM Turkish cotton, Crescentt's luxury bathrobe contains long fibers that are ultra-absorbent. Enjoy drying off quickly and preserving warmth while getting ready with an outfit.

✅ CLEAN & DRIES SUPER FAST: Right out of the shower or swimming pool, Crescentt’s premium Turkish cotton will dry off quickly with no extra maintainence required. Enjoy minimal wash cycles and more time and use out of this bathrobe in the long-run without wear and tear.

✅ WARM AND COZY: With its super fluffy velvet exterior, the Velvetica™ Robe is cozy and comfortable, allowing no semblance of cold air to reach the skin. Stay warm and protected immediately after a hot bath or swim at the pool and worry less about catching a cold or chills.

✅ ANTIBACTERIAL & HYPOALLERGENIC: Thanks to its 100% natural Turkish cotton interior, this bathrobe will protect the open pores of the skin due to it being antibacterialhypoallergenic & antimicrobial. Worry less about bacterial spread and feel clean instead, with less skin sensitivity and irritation, to boot.

hooded bathrobe women

✅ BEAUTIFUL & LUXURIOUS: With multiple styles to choose from and a 1200 GSM make, this bathrobe is one of the more luxurious varieties in the market. Heavy and velvety, Enjoy the feeling of a hotel vacation at home and enjoy some spa treatment while you're at it!

✅ GREAT LOUNGEWEAR PIECE: While being functional for out of the bath or water, Velvetica is also wonderful to lounge in, due to its warmth and two large pockets to carry items, such as a cellphone. Not only protecting the wearer from the cold, Velvetica is a great to spend hours in, or even sleep in, while remaining toasty warm throughout.

hooded bathrobe womens

Finding the right bathrobe can be a challenge. With so many different varieties to choose from, it can be hard to know what to look for. Although the purpose of a bathrobe is to get one dry and cozy after a bath or swimming, most bathrobes don't actually achieve that objective. Leaving a person half-wet and shivering or the fabric soaked and dirty, is an all too common problem. This is not to mention the frequent wear and tear of bathrobes due to poor quality make and material.

Crescentt's Velvetica™ Bathrobe addresses all of these problems. It is not only gorgeous and luxurious but extremely focused on its mission: to fully dry the wearer and leave them feeling cozy and protected from the elements. With its velvet exterior, combined with the soft cotton, there is an air of luxury & class that will make you not want to take the bathrobe off and instead treat yourself to a spa day. 


Sizes: XS-XXL
Full length: 122 cm
Material: 100% Turkish cotton with velvet
Product detail: Double side pockets, belt closure.

Model wearing M/L, height 5'0


Your Crescentt Luxury™ Bathrobe is durable and strong.
It can be washed by machine or by hand in cold water.

- Use gentle detergent
- Wash with like colors
- Avoid bleach & harsh chemicals
- Tumble dry on low heat
- Hang or machine dry
- Iron on low heat
- Store in a cool/dry place


Please email for any inquiries or use the live chat feature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I LOVE that it has a hoodie!

It's so comfy, it's super lightweight, it doesn't feel heavy. The material is really smooth. I LOVE that it has a hoodie. All in all it's a perfect robe, I am so glad I found it. Thank you for creating such an awesome product.

5-star rating

5-star rating

5-star rating

5-star rating

Murray W. (Amazon CA)
good quality

very good quality

Cindy R
Love it

It is a beautiful soft comfy robe. Thick and fluffy. Love it.