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Organic Bamboo Pajama Set

Organic Bamboo Pajama Set

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"They have really set the bar high. They don't just look and feel amazing, they're also great for the environment. They're biodegradable and antibacterial and the material is super, super soft. These have really set the bar high in terms of what I would be looking for the next time I go shopping for pajamas, I have never owned a pair of pajamas this soft before. They're nicely fitted but they're not too tight nor too loose so you can accustom them to your own body type, which is really important. I love that they don't drag on the ground. They're super comfortable and nicely fitted and again, they're great for the environment, so you really can't get better than that."

⭐ - Michelle P.
Verified Review ✔️

Crescentt Luxury Organic Bamboo Pajama Set

Made of EcoCert® certified organic bamboo viscose, this pajama set is not only eco-friendly and biodegradable but softer than anything you’ve ever worn before. Made of a high-breathable, moisture-wicking and cooling, buttery soft fabric, our organic bamboo carries many properties that make it the perfect set to sleep comfortably in without worrying about sensitive skin issues, night sweats and hot flashes.

Perfect for post-menopausal women or anyone seeking more comfort at home and better sleep overall.

The wrong pair of pajamas can contribute to sweating during the day and night, stripping moisture from the skin and exasperating skin conditions. Pajamas that are not made of high-quality material wear down very quickly, are often not breathable enough and can disrupt sleep at night. Finding a pair of pajamas that are soft enough as well as stylish can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Crescentt Luxury's Organic Bamboo Pajama Sets are made of the highest-quality natural bamboo viscose available in the market. Bamboo fiber is a natural and environmentally-friendly super soft fabric perfect for luxury bedsheets and pajamas. Crescentt Bamboo Pajamas are incredibly breathable and temperature-regulating making them perfect for year-long wear. Crescentt Luxury Bamboo Pajamas tick all the boxes for improving sleep and comfort at night, reducing night-sweats while also offering a luxurious fit and color variety.


✅ PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Bamboo fiber is a gentle and super soft fabric that won't irritate or harm existing skin conditions such as eczema. Sleep in greater comfort at night, waking up with calmer and softer skin.

✅ LUXURIOUSLY SOFT & COMFORTABLE: Crescentt Bamboo Pajamas are the softest in the market, softer than jersey and modal. Enjoy lounging in fabric that can barely be felt it is so luxuriously soft and lightweight on the skin.

✅ ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Crescentt Luxury Bamboo Earth Pajamas are incredibly sustainable for the planet being biodegradable, cruelty-free and ethically-sourced. Sleep 100% guilt-free when supporting products that won't harm the environment neither during production nor disposal!

✅ SWEAT-RESISTANT & ANTI-BACTERIAL: Crescentt Bamboo Earth Pajamas are naturally sweat-resistant and anti-bacterial, more than other fabrics such as cotton and nylon. This means less odour, less skin irritation and more cleanliness for the body while wearing these pajamas.

✅ DEEP POCKETS AND DRAWSTRING CLOSURE: Crescentt Luxury Bamboo Pajamas feature deep pockets on the pants as well as an adjustable drawstring closure on the waistband. Enjoy being able to carry small items around the house and adjusting the fit as needed and comfortable for your body type.

✅ PERFECT FOR YEAR-ROUND WEAR: Crescentt Bamboo pajamas are made of naturally temperature-controlling fabric that will neither get too hot nor too cold, making them perfect for all seasons. Enjoy pajamas that don't need to be put away during weather changes and can be the "go-to" whenever needed.


Sizes: XS-XL

Material: 95% Bamboo Viscose and 5% Spandex

Colors: Black, Violet, Coral Pink, Sky, Light Gray


Machine wash cold, normal detergent.

Avoid fabric softener, avoid bleach. Machine dry on gentle setting. Hang immediately to avoid wrinkles.


Please email us at for any inquiries or use the live chat feature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Rachelle Labonte
I want to stay in them forever

These pajamas are my absolute favourite!
I knew they were going to be soft, but I had no idea how much of a treat I was in for!! They are so silky smooth and luxurious looking, I want to stay in them forever!

Michelle Pressé
The fabric feels like a dream

I can't get over how soft they are! The fabric feels like a dream. I cannot wait to sleep in them. They're my new favorite. I am so impressed - I love that they feel good and are also good for our planet. It's a winning combination. I honestly can't get over how much I love them!

Mekalia Taylor
They are seriously good quality

I love the PJs. They are genuinely so comfortable.
My husband saw me wearing them and thought they looked great! They are seriously good quality and I love them.

R. Siddiqui
Truly lovely!

It looks so much better in person! The length, comfort and fit is wonderful! wonderful quality! Fabric has a nice texture, the color is perfect, and the fit is great! Pockets are a bit far back and my hands get stuck, but it has deep pockets which makes it usable.

Ami K.
Luxurious, yet super comfy

I tried the bamboo material pyjamas for the first time and honestly, the material is such good quality that it's difficult to not fall in love.These organic bamboo pyjama sets are not only very cozy but also environmentally-friendly! They are luxurious, yet super comfy. I love wearing pajamas all day, so I highly recommend Crescentt's comfy collections!