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Matte Silk™ Pajama Set with Mask

Matte Silk™ Pajama Set with Mask

  • Soft & cooling fabric
  • Makes the perfect gift!
  • Sustainably sourced
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✔️ Matching Silk Eye Mask included

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"I ordered a pair for myself and loved them so much that I ordered multiple as gifts for my friends. The waist band in the pants has elastic so they are not tight and very comfortable. The shirt is a bit loose but not overly. The material feels great, very soft. Also I have washed and dried them twice so far no issues with shrinking or fading."

⭐ - Ayanna G.

Verified Review ✔️

The wrong pair of pajamas can contribute to sweating during the day and night, damaging sheets and stripping moisture from the skin. Pajamas that are not made of high-quality material wear down very quickly, are often not breathable enough and can disrupt sleep at night. Finding a pair of pajamas that are comfortable as well as stylish can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Crescentt's Matte Silk Pajama Sets are made of premium quality faux silk, making them cruelty-free. Also called Peau du Soie, Pearl Silk Satin is breathable, incredibly durable as well as comfortable, making it suitable for year-long wear. Crescentt MatteSilk™ Pajamas tick all the boxes for improving sleep and comfort at night, countering night-sweats while also offering a luxurious and sexy fit.


✔️ BYE-BYE NIGHT SWEATS: Matte Silk Pajamas are made of Peau du Soie silk satin with a comfy spandex blend, making them incredibly breathable and temperature-controlling. Worry less about feeling too hot or sweating excessively and sleep comfortably, waking up fresh in the morning.

✔️ CRUELTY-FREE & VEGAN: MatteSilk™ Pajamas are 100% cruelty-free and vegan, made of a high-quality faux silk and not sourced from silkworms. Sleep soundly and guilt-free knowing that no creatures were harmed to make these pajama sets.

✔️ GOOD FOR SKIN: Matte Silk is excellent for skin as it does not strip it of moisture. Enjoy using less moisturizing product everyday as skin will maintain its softness for longer.

✔️ COMFY & WELL-FITTED: Matte Silk pajamas are super comfortable and designed to fit many body types. They are gentle against the skin and will be enjoyable to wear while sleeping or lounging in throughout the day.

✔️ COLOR WON'T BLEED OR FADE: Our SilkyMatte Pajamas are made to last and with high-quality fabric that won't fade or bleed onto sheets like many other similar pajamas. Rest assured that you are investing in a pajama set that retains its sheen and gorgeous & lustrous color, even after several washes and years of wear.

✔️ THE PERFECT GIFT: Crescentt Peau du Soie pajama sets make the perfect gift for loved ones due to the color variety and inclusive sizes offered. Enjoy a happy giftee who will appreciate a gorgeous and comfortable pj set!

When looking for an affordable but high-quality alternative to silk, we know how hard it is to find the right pajama set. Often the silk satin available in the market looks pretty but is actually very abrasive and ill-fitted, uncomfortable on the skin and not at all good to sleep in. Finding a pajama set that both looks flattering and is comfortable, without sacrificing one's savings can be immensely challenging.

Crescentt Matte Silk™ Pajamas are made of the highest-quality alternative to real silk that is vegan without sacrificing luxury and comfort. Made of Peau du Soie, MatteSilk™ pajamas are super soft, silky and breathable, working well against night sweats. Enjoy a pair of pajamas that are well-fitted for different body types and offer better sleep, more comfort and are great to lounge in all day and all year long.


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**1. What are Crescentt's Women's Matte Silk™ Pajamas made of?**
These pajamas are crafted from high-quality matte silk satin fabric, which is an eco-friendly & cruelty-free poly silk material that offers a luxurious and comfortable feel against the skin.

**2. Are the pajamas machine washable?**
Yes, these pajamas are machine washable. However, it's recommended to check the care instructions to ensure proper maintenance.

**3. Do these pajamas come in different sizes?**
Yes, Crescentt's Matte Silk Satin Pajamas for Women typically come in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. Sizes may vary depending on availability. We currently offer sizes from S to XXL.

**4. What color options are available for these pajamas?**
At Crescentt, we offer a variety of color options for these pjs, including classic neutrals like black and navy, as well as rosy pink, emerald as well as other stylish shades.

**5. Are the pajamas suitable for all seasons?**
Matte silk satin is known for its temperature-regulating properties, making these pajamas suitable for both warm and cool weather. They can help keep you cool in summer and provide a comfortable warmth in cooler months.

**6. Do these pajamas have pockets?**
The Matte Silk™ Pajama sets are not equipped with pockets, except for a chest pocket. The Pearl Silk™ Pajamas do have pockets.

**7. Can I buy the top and bottom separately?**
At this time, we are unable to accommodate purchasing tops and bottoms separately.

**8. Are these pajamas prone to wrinkling?**
While silk satin has a smooth and glossy appearance, it can sometimes acquire wrinkles if not folded properly. Nonetheless, wrinkles are easily ironed out with steaming or using a gentle iron.

**9. Are these pajamas suitable as a gift?**
Yes, our Matte Silk™ Pajamas make an amazing thoughtful and luxurious gift for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and more.

**10. How do I determine the correct size to order?**
Crescentt often provides a size chart to help you choose the right size based on your measurements. It's a good idea to refer to the sizing information provided to ensure a proper fit.


Features elegant styling details, including a notched collar, sturdy shell buttons and stylish piping. The chest pocket provides added storage for your essentials. The matching pants feature a comfortable elastic waistband to ensure the perfect fit. Pair this set with a pair of slippers for a full ensemble experience.

Material: 80% Silk Satin (Vegan Poly Silk), 20% Spandex
Sizes available: S-2XL


Wash in cold water to help protect the color and prevent shrinkage.
Use a gentle detergent. Avoid bleach.
Avoid high heat to prevent shrinkage and damage.
Air dry where possible or use lower heat. 
Iron with care on a low setting.


Please contact for any inquiries or use the live chat feature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Mekalia Taylor
I absolutely love the silk pajamas

I got introduced to Crescentt Luxury through a friend's recommendation and I absolutely love their silk pajamas, I find them so breathable, comfortable and chic in the way that they look. I was also super surprised at the price, it's incredibly affordable and I absolutely love these pajamas.

Muntaha Malik
The best pajama set I have ever worn in my life!

This is the best pajama set I have ever worn in my life! I do not like things that are matchy or a little too girly, but this was so nice. I wore it while I had a fever and my fever went away the next morning. I took a really long bath and put these pajamas on and they're so lightweight. It's the middle of summer in Canada right now but I feel totally comfortable wearing them in the house and even outside! I went on my daily walk with them. So if there's a pj set that you're looking for and you just want to brush up your home clothing like I did, and not wear a t-shirt all the time at home, then please be sure to get yourself one of these!

Michelle C.
My new favorite pajama set

I'm honestly in love with this pajama set from Crescentt. I love how it's black, has a bit of white and a super cute design. It's also very soft and super silky, so perfect for loungewear or going to bed. But yeah, this is my new favorite pajama set.

5-star rating

5-star rating

Michelle Pressé
I just cannot get over how comfortable these are

The colour is gorgeous and rich. I cannot get over how comfortable they are. I don't even feel guilty for wearing them all day, which I'm not normally a wear your PJs all day kind of person. But these are inspiring me to do that. I have found my new favorite pair of pajamas. I cannot get over how much I love these.