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Bamboo is luxuriously soft.

They say you should invest in two things, your shoes and your bedding because if you are not in one then you are in the other. We believe pajamas fall under that category as well. Comfort is key! Bamboo is a super soft material which makes it perfect for comfy sleepwear. Crescentt’s Bamboo PJs combine cozy with chic. Sporting our sets with pockets, drawstrings, and buttons with your choice of color, you will never have to compromise style in the bedroom again!

Bamboo is breathable.

Bamboo is known for being highly breathable and anti-night sweats. The microscopic gaps in Bamboo PJs promote airflow throughout the night and keep you at an ideal body temperature. This temperature regulation can prevent night sweating and disrupted sleep and makes these pyjama sets perfect for year-round wear!

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly.

Bamboo pajamas might be the most comfortable way to help the environment and combat climate change. Bamboo fabric originates from the Bamboo plant, which uses less water and few pesticides to grow. Bamboo is also self-regenerating, requiring less labor and machinery to regrow. Bamboo linen is biodegradable so the thought of your favorite pjs piling up in a landfill won’t be keeping you up at night!

Bamboo is durable and made to last.

Bamboo is constructed of thicker, stronger fibers than other fabrics. This means that your pjs will survive the wear and tear you put them through. It also means your wallet will be thanking you. Bamboo PJs may cost a bit more than other alternatives, but they are guaranteed to last longer by far due to their high-quality and natural origin! Consider a quality pair of bamboo pajamas as an investment in yourself. Your boost in energy and improved mood from a good night’s sleep will make them worth it!

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