Invest in a Pair of Organic Bamboo Pajamas by Crescentt

Crescentt Luxury's Organic Bamboo Pajama Set is made of EcoCert certified organic bamboo viscose, a plant-based fiber that is natural and biodegradeable. A highly sustainable and luxuriously soft and comfortable fabric, bamboo is the perfect material for sleepwear that is breathable, moisture-wicking, temperature-regulating and cooling, perfect for year-round wear. If you suffer from menopause related nightsweats or hot flashes, or simply want a pajama set that is gentle on the skin for eczema or sensitive skin conditions, then our luxurious bamboo pajama set is the perfect investment for you. Highly environmentally-friendly and sustainable in its production and disposal it is also ideal for planet-conscious shoppers who want to minimize planet waste and ecological footprint impact. The perfect gift for a loved one seeking more comfort and better sleep!

Bamboo Pajama Set (Light Blue)

Bamboo Pajama Set (Royal Black)

Matte Satin Pajama Set (Ruby Red)

Matte Satin Pajama Set (Emerald Teal)

Postpartum Waist Trainer (Sakura Pink)

Luxury Hooded Bathrobe (White)

Luxury Hooded Bathrobe (Baby Pink)