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How Loungewear & Self-Care Connect

At Crescentt, we believe that investing in more high-quality sleep and loungewear is an important form of self-care that often gets neglected.

Our daytime apparel is used to show people who we are, what we’re like, and where we’re going. What we wear at home or between the sheets is seen as a much more private affair. This is our time to relax, wind-down, and rid ourselves of any expectations to look a certain way.

We all know the joyous feeling of getting home, unclasping our bras, taking off those uncomfortable jeans and slipping into something comfy – whether it be the same oversized t-shirt, cotton nightie, or mismatched pair of pyjamas – the feeling of comfort after a long, tiresome day is unmatched.

The truth is what you wear at home should be an important part of your self-care routine. Not only should your sleep and loungewear be comfortable, but they should also make you feel good too.

Feel Good Pajamas

Benefits of wearing high-quality pajamas for your health and sleep

Did you know that what you wear to bed makes a difference in your sleep quality and overall health? According to the CDC, 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Consistent poor-quality sleep can impact long-term health problems and overall productivity.

Taking care of yourself means feeling good both on the outside and inside. We believe this can be as simple as wearing the right pajamas to help you drift away to slumberland.

Wearing comfy, high-quality pajamas can improve your sleep by:

  • Keeping you warm at night. Wearing pajamas at night lowers your risk of getting a cold or flu. Staying warm at night, especially during winter, will keep you warm if your partner steals the blankets again or you spend too long uncovered.
  • While you sleep, your skin sheds dead cells full of microorganisms and renews itself. Your sleepwear acts as a wonderful barrier between your body and bed sheets.
  • An important part of winding down for the evening involves being comfortable. This will also help you get into a deep sleep more quickly and stay there without interruptions.


You look good, you feel good

At Crescentt, we believe that your sleep and loungewear doesn’t need to compromise looking good.

You know the saying “you look good, you feel good?” We wholeheartedly believe this also applies to what you wear whilst lounging at home – it enhances your life and adds another feel-good texture to those everyday things you do.

Unwinding for the day and getting ready for bed is an important time to practice self-care. While we do our lengthy skin-care routines, read a book, journal, meditate, maybe tidy up our spaces – it only makes sense that wearing cozy, good-quality sleepwear that makes us feel good should be a central part to our self-care routine.

We believe that fabric, fit and style is important.

We’ve got you covered. Literally.

 Black Silk Satin Pajamas

What are the best fabrics to help you feel your best? 

One of our most popular and best-selling pajamas is our Matte Silk Satin set. Silk satin pajamas are 100% vegan and cruelty free and boast personal health and well-being benefits.

Silk Satin Pajamas

Here are some benefits of wearing silk satin:

  • It’s good for your hair. Satin’s smooth surface decreases friction and tugging on your hair, making it less likely to get tangled up and get hair breakage. It also maintains your hair’s moisture, leaving it soft and silky for longer.
  • It’s good for your skin. Beauty sleep is a real thing when you’re wearing our Matte Silk Satin pajamas. Because satin isn’t drying, it maintains your skin’s moisture. Many people also believe that wearing and sleeping in satin can help with skin conditions. This is because its smooth surface results in less friction and irritation to the skin.

Bamboo Pajamas

Another fan favorite is our Bamboo Pajamas in our Loungewear Collection. Bamboo as a fiber has amazing benefits for us and the planet.

Here are some benefits of wearing bamboo:

  • Environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a fibre derived from the bamboo plant. It’s organic, bio-degradable and inflicts minimal environmental damage in its production and disposal.

  • Good for night sweats. Bamboo viscose fibres are highly sweat-absorbent and anti-bacterial, meaning wearing bamboo while you sleep will keep you dry and odour free!

  • Bamboo is highly insulant. Bamboo will keep you nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Soft and comfortable. When you wear bamboo fabrics, you hardly feel them, except for their gentle softness and all-around comfort – making this fabric an essential for your nighttime wardrobe.

Whether it’s an oversized t-shirt, athleisurewear, a luxurious pair of silk satin pajamas, or bamboo loungewear, what you wear while you relax at home should be an essential part of your self-care routine. You can’t truly settle into your self-care ritual or evening tasks without feeling comfortable on the outside.

Investing in good-quality, comfortable and stylish sleepwear means investing in yourself and overall wellness.






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