Mission Statement

"I truly believe that the confidence that comes from self-love through self-care is unmatched to what anyone can do for you in this world. At Crescentt, we want women to feel loved & valued. Oftentimes, we have to give to ourselves rather than expecting from others. For us, we are more than a pajama brand selling products. We want to offer the most comfortable, warm and empowering experience through our self-care products. This is why we call ourselves a brand of 'feel-good products.'"

- Asiya, Founder & CEO of Crescentt

Our Story

With humble beginnings, the idea of Crescentt was born by its founder, Asiya, an elementary school teacher. After falling pregnant unexpectedly and having to sacrifice travelling the world, she fell into postpartum depression. That is until Asiya discovered her passion for creating a brand around accessible luxury products. Asiya fell in love with high-quality loungewear such as Turkish cotton robes and silk satin pajama sets, noting that they brought her more joy at home. Now Crescentt focuses on high-quality products and bringing luxury home for many, while pursuing sustainable & eco-friendly practices to help contribute to positive change for the planet.

Asiya now raises two daughters happily while growing her company.

Our Values

The motto of Crescentt is Quality, Comfort, Beauty. Our production standards are high - so you will only find the best products on our store that have been tested and loved by customers.

Crescentt is owned by Feel Good & Succeed Inc., a Canadian company, which aims to promote wellness & self-care as well as positivity and success for women, through practices on living better.