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February 08, 2023 2 min read

Turkish cotton is known for its luxurious softness, making it a popular choice for bathrobes, towels, and bed linens. But what makes Turkish cotton so special? What is it about this material that sets it apart from other cotton varieties? Let's dive into the science of softness and explore the unique properties of Turkish cotton.

  1. Long Staple Length: Turkish cotton is known for its long staple length, which refers to the length of the individual fibers used to make the cotton. Longer staple fibers produce a stronger and smoother yarn, resulting in a softer and more durable fabric.

  2. Supima Cotton: Turkish cotton is often referred to as Supima cotton, which is a variety of extra-long staple cotton grown in the United States and a few other countries. Supima cotton has longer fibers than regular cotton, resulting in a smoother and softer feel.

  3. Absorbency: Turkish cotton is highly absorbent, making it an excellent choice for bathrobes and towels. The high absorbency of the material means that it can quickly soak up moisture, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

  4. Strength: In addition to its softness, Turkish cotton is also known for its strength. This durability makes it an excellent choice for towels and bathrobes that will be used frequently and subjected to repeated washing.

  5. Versatility: Turkish cotton is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of products, including towels, bathrobes, bed linens, and clothing. Its luxurious softness and absorbency make it an excellent choice for products that are meant to provide comfort and relaxation.

In conclusion, Turkish cotton is a unique and luxurious material that sets itself apart from other cotton varieties with its long staple length, Supima cotton quality, absorbency, strength, and versatility. When you invest in Turkish cotton products, you're investing in a material that provides both comfort and durability. So embrace the science of softness and treat yourself to the luxurious feel of Turkish cotton.

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