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June 11, 2021 3 min read

It doesn't matter what happens around us, whether we get things from people or not, love and contentment is something that we can give to ourselves and foster within us, to live better and happier lives.

My name is Asiya and I founded the brand Crescentt.  

The idea for Crescentt came to me sometime after I gave birth and was struggling with post-partum depression. I needed to love myself more, and now I had an infant to take care of as well. But how could my situation improve? Somehow, I lost a lot of motivation in my life and became a negative mess. I had always wanted to travel the world! That gave me the most fulfillment and happiness. But after having my child, I felt hopeless about that dream ever becoming a reality.  I also felt a lot of resentment towards people around me, who I felt didn't value me enough...

But, I didn't realise that I was feeding into my own negativity and just making things worse for myself and those around me. I was becoming toxic. The lesson I needed to learn was self-love, which evolves from self-care. I felt worthless and craved so much to be loved that I had expectations that couldn't be fulfilled. I needed to stop expecting from others and instead looking inward for my happiness and validation.

t doesn't matter what happens around us, whether we get things from people or not, because love and contentment is something that we need to give to ourselves first and foremost.

To live better and happier, no matter where I was at, I had to change not only my thinking, but also undo some damaging thought patterns I had about myself, a lot of them unconscious. I did not feel like I was worthy of good things. I grew up deprived of many luxuries people got from their parents due to various issues in my family. So I certainly never got to experience beautiful, quality and comfortable things.

After my marriage, and during my travels, I particularly grew fond of hotels and dreamy getaways. There was such a feeling of peace and relaxation associated with it, which was intoxicating to me. It relaxed something inside of me, whereas I struggled a lot previously with depression and anxiety. So when I was starting my online shop, somehow I was drawn to products such as luxury bathrobes and pajamas... 

Even better, when I did order samples, I felt something I never felt before. When wearing the pajamas and feeling the beautiful and comfortable bathrobes, I felt an enormous delight. I felt like a princess. The pajamas were so comfortable that I would wake up and feel great - nothing like the dumpy clothes I wore my whole life while at home. These homewears made me feel productive and boosted my feelings of self-worth.

Now I don't want to say or imply that happiness comes from material things. What I do want to iterate is that sometimes we treat ourselves badly and deprive ourselves of good things that would actually help us and make us feel better about ourselves.

So with Crescentt, we really want to emphasize self-care and self-love. Too many times I have seen women just like me, not with the same circumstances necessarily, but with the same feelings of lack of self-worth and value. More than enough women grow up feeling worthless and not good enough. And that pains me to a deep level.

We want to offer products that can make the person receiving them feel great about them and in them. So we stick by our Motto - Quality, Comfort, Beauty to deliver the best of the best that we possibly can.

Thank you so much for visiting our site and taking interest in our Brand. We look forward to walking the journey ahead with you! 


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