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Buying Waist Trainers in Canada

Waist training is an increasingly popular activity among many women, especially since the explosive prevalence of social media trends. Popularized by the Kardashian-Jenners, who are well-known for their exaggerated, trend-setting hourglass figures, waist training has become popular not only for postpartum mothers, but for women into the fashion and fitness niches.

Crescentt Shapewear is a popular Canadian brand for waist trainers, which started on Amazon. After accumulating outstanding reviews, they launched on under their Shapewear line. At this time, on both Amazon USA and Amazon Canada, their waist trainers an average 4.5/5 rating.


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So what are the features of Crescentt's Waist Trainers which makes them so great?

1. They are unique.

Many waist trainers exist, they vary by colours, styles, quality, sizes, patterns, etc. Crescentt Shapewear provides unique-looking waist trainers that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada. They have a gorgeous Roses pattern waist trainer, in a long vest-style, and a short-torso version. They have a gorgeous Rose-Gold waist trainer which is especially popular among their customers. They also have a stunning light pink waist trainer with a Henna-inspired white pattern.

2. They are high-quality.

Crescentt Shapewear prides itself in its motto 'Quality, Comfort, Beauty' and you can see that the quality of their waist trainers meets customer standards, and when compared to many other brands, are very affordable and well-priced for what you get. They are made of 3 layers of fabric, the interior being soft cotton and the exterior as latex and spandex. They are super smooth on the outside, heavy and feel high-quality with the material and stitch-work. They each have at least 9-spiral steel bones spaced out, which is great for cinching in the waist and achieving the corset effect without the strenuous pressure on the abdomen. High quality waist trainers can definitely achieve results in reducing inches around the waist and Crescentt Shapewear's customers attest to that in their reviews. Furthermore, the best part is the longevity of these waist trainers. They can definitely be used over a long period of time due to their durability from their material composition, as well as the 3 sets of spaced out, strong hooks. The hooks are used for sizing down when 'waist training' and the more spaced out they are, the longer they are able to last as a person sizes up and down. This makes them worthwhile for a purchase because they can be re-used over again as a person gains weight, or has a child.

3. Their reviews are outstanding.

It's not common to find such stellar reviews for a product which could potentially come with sizing confusion, but Crescentt Shapewear has managed to avoid this problem. The customers are satisfied with their purchase and experience using Crescentt waist trainers and there are rarely sizing discrepencies. It helps that they provide accurate sizing measurements and a guide on how to measure correctly before buying. These issues aside, people are overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality, comfort and beauty of these products, and for this alone, they deserve some recognition!
Well, that's it folks, check out Crescentt Shapewear to get your hands on one of the many pretty styles for waist trainers. Waist training has gone beyond being a fad, it seems to definitely be effective at achieving a smaller waist, so go try waist training today!

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