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Are You Wearing The Right Clothes When You Work Out?

Working out and being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. One aspect that is often overlooked or not mentioned enough is the importance of wearing clothes that wont hinder your physical activities while also providing maximum comfort and support while you are exercising. 

We will go over some tips below to help you choose what to wear and what not to wear when working out.

  1. Avoid baggy clothes

When you go to the gym, you may want to wear baggy clothes to hide your excess baggage, but this is a bad idea. If your clothes are baggy, you may find that pieces of equipment become stuck and this is risky and you could get hurt.

  1. Wear comfy sneakers

The gym is not a place to wear sandals, high heels, or to be barefoot. You should find a comfortable pair of tennis shoes and wear them to the gym whenever you are planning to work out. Make sure the laces are tied and tight so that you do not trip over them at any point.

  1. Wear a sports bra

This is incredibly important for women who want to exercise and workout regularly. Sports bras are necessary because they help keep the breasts firm and close to the chest, to prevent any chest pain during intense movements, as well as reduce the risk of sagging. Sports bras are essential if you are doing cardio activities (which are most often needed to lose weight) so it is very important that you find at least a few pairs that you feel comfortable in.

  1. Sweat bands

Some people find it helpful to wear sweat bands, especially around their forehead. The benefit of this is that the band catches, absorbs sweat and prevents it from rolling into your eyes!

It would not be fun if you are lifting heavy weights and sweat gets into your eye and stings them - ouch!

  1. Choose breathable fabrics

Your workout clothing should be made from breathable fabric that allows you to work out without feeling heavy, sweaty, and run-down.

Cotton is a great idea, but you may find that spandex works as well. Just avoid materials that are scratchy and hot or heavy.

  1. Wear sweat proof material 

There are many wonderful and eco-friendly materials now which are also moisture-wicking and sweatproof, along with being antibacterial - yes, I am talking about none other than Modal and Bamboo viscose fabrics! These fabrics are absolutely wonderful for absorbing sweat and keeping light and cool no matter which activity you are involved in. If you can get some nice and firm modal or bamboo undergarments, they will do wonders to counter sweat while working out.

So, is it time to go shopping for some new gym clothes?

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