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Mekalia Loves Her Crescentt Pajamas - Here's Why!

Mekalia, a Registered Nurse and Co-founder of Truth Theory Center, a wellness and spirituality educational resource for First Nations youth, got introduced to Crescentt Luxury pajamas through a friend’s recommendation. 

She has been wearing her Crescentt Luxury pajamas for several weeks now, and had a few thoughts to share on her honest impressions.

Mekalia absolutely loves her Matte Silk Satin Pajamas from Crescentt Luxury.

She finds them super breathable and comfortable, which is so important if you suffer from night sweats. 

In fact, Mekalia says they have become her favourite pajamas for that reason! She no longer has to worry about waking up in sweat and instead can sleep comfortably through the night, remaining dry, and being more refreshed for her job at the hospital.

Even during the Covid-19 lockdowns, Mekalia benefited from her pair of Crescentt Luxury pajamas. Because they are so chic and stylish, Mekalia wouldn’t feel embarrassed if you catch her in her pajamas! 

You won’t feel embarrassed during your Zoom calls either while wearing them, and you probably will want to stay in them all day.

In fact, you’ll look quite fancy and refined in a pair of pajamas like these.

They are great for a quick step outside if you don’t want to waste time getting ready to go out to grab a coffee or run an errand.

Furthermore, they are affordable which makes Mekalia also appreciate them a lot considering how expensive loungewear usually is, yet she has more benefits from them and they are great quality.

Crescentt Matte Silk Satin pajamas can be worn all year-round, as they won’t have you feeling too hot or cold during the night. They are just right.

They solve the problem of night sweats, look chic and amazing and will make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. 


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