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Why You Should Love Yourself

You are here for a reason. Your existence has a meaning and purpose and was not random. Every soul on this planet came here with a purpose and impact that it was meant to make or have on the world and people. We are all part of the "Butterfly Effect" and our existence plays an important role in the world.

Human beings are miraculous, along with all other living creatures. We have capabilities beyond our imagination and so many untouched talents that we could develop and tap into. We are capable of so much more than what we do in our usually mundane lives.

You should love yourself because you are incredible. You are an incredible human being with so much to offer! You can brighten someone's day, you can save a life, you can teach others and offer wisdom and value, you can offer a voice for a cause. 

You should love yourself because there is so much about you that is loveable. You have beautiful eyes, you were a cute and innocent baby at some time, you have a gorgeous smile and you are able to do so much good in the world and for others. God loves you and created you for a purpose. 

You were chosen to be here.

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