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When should you start waist training?


Belly wrapping after delivering a baby is a common practice in many cultures around the world. These days, there is something more convenient, called waist training, or cinching your waist to reduce its size. Waist training is a popular practice of wrapping the abdomen with a compression garment called a 'waist trainer' in order to lose inches from the waistline and to achieve a flat stomach. It is fun, popular and a safe way to get an hourglass shaped waist.

In my personal experience using a waist trainer, it really helped to bring down my stomach after giving birth in a fast way. I found using a waist trainer to be the most convenient and effective way to target belly fat in order to get back into shape after pregnancy. It is effective, and ideal because waist trainers are highly comfortable and a perfect balance between durable and flexible. The key point here is to get a high quality waist trainer. Crescentt Shapewear has waist trainers which are very high quality. They are made out of 3 layers of fabric, including smooth Latex on the outside, Spandex and 100% Cotton inside. They are highly comfortable as a result and wrap perfectly around the belly to aid in losing belly fat after having a baby. They have many features to make them the perfect product for fitness and weight loss as well. 

Some of the features include :

  • 3 rows of strong, high quality hooks: These aid with cinching the waist gradually and sizing down. The waist trainer is much longer lasting because the rows are very much spaced out and it can be used for around 4-5 inches of the waist. This means that it can be beneficial for a very long time and even as the person gains or loses weight, they can use it again for their body’s waist size.
  • High quality build: Crescentt Shapewear’s waist trainers are very high quality in their make. They are made out of 3 layers of fabric, perfectly stitched together creating a product which is relatively heavy and durable, as well as powerful in its compression strength, along with being highly comfortable for regular wear. A waist trainer from Crescentt can be worn all day, up to 5-8 hours. The cotton interior guarantees even more comfort, due to absorption of any sweat that may accumulate through exercise or daily activities.
  • 9-spiral steel bones: The boning on a waist cincher is extremely important in order for it to be effective in shrinking the waist and achieving a flatter tummy. Crescentt Shapewear’s waist trainers all have 9 steel bones by default, with some having even more. Steel boning is important because it helps hold the structure of the hourglass shape that we are aiming for and helps to hold everything in. It even helps with the abdominal vacuum technique by compressing the tummy enough to cause a natural breathing in, which has shown great results in losing 1-2 inches off the waist naturally. With a waist trainer, of course, these benefits are maximized!
  • Shaped to a woman’s waist size and torso length: The waist trainers are excellent because they are made perfectly to fit around a woman’s body with maximum comfort for working out in a waist trainer or wearing it at home or to work. The waist trainer is built with a longer front to properly cover the lower belly, and an elevated back to not dig into the bottom, for a more aesthetic look. Furthermore, there are short torso waist trainers available, as well as full-back covering vest waist trainers with adjustable straps for a woman looking for full body compression

Waist trainers look great under clothes. They show a person the beautiful form they could achieve, if they could only motivate themselves to work for it!

Waist trainers also increase motivation to work out and be fit, because just by wearing one, you feel so happy to see how the hourglass figure would look on your body and that makes you want to work hard to achieve that in reality! By regularly wearing a waist trainer, you CAN absolutely achieve results. There are thousands of testimonies from people who have had tremendous results from waist training for their weight loss journey and people who have achieved their body goals thanks to regular and consistent waist training. Even just wearing a waist trainer temporarily brings an immediate reduction of 1-2 inches from the waist. Imagine wearing it regularly and working out with it to get even more satisfying results!

Waist training is a safer alternative to corset training, due to the gentle construction of a waist trainer, bringing the perfect balance between regular shapewear and corsets. Get your first waist trainer today at www.crescentt.com.

Crescentt Shapewear has been selling successfully on Amazon USA and Canada with raving reviews. Their motto is Quality, Comfort, Beauty and they do a great job in accomplishing that with their wide selection of beautiful and unique, pretty patterned waist trainers.

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