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The Power of Self-Discipline

Staying motivated can be hard. 

If it were an easy task, everyone would be living to his or her full potential at all times. To accomplish goals in life, one must have self-discipline.

Self-discipline is the process of putting instant gratification aside in order to accomplish tasks with satisfying results later on.

In common conversation, self-discipline can sometimes have a bit of a negative connotation.

It can be associated with unpleasant effort and difficulty. It does require work and is oftentimes difficult to try to change one's old habits and patterns, but self-discipline isn't bad at all. Exercising self-discipline leads to great benefits and an elevated sense of self and a higher intellectual understanding of the ego.

Self-discipline has many different forms. It can be referred to as self-control, perseverance, restraint, finishing what you start, among other things.

The concept is the same across the board: in spite of temptation, obstacles, or hardships, continue striving to accomplish a goal, whatever that goal may be.

Just because you don't give into temptation when you successfully practice self-discipline, doesn't mean that you will live a restrictive and boring life. As a matter of fact, practicing self-discipline simply means that you operate responsibly.

You realize that there is a time for work and that there is a time for fun.

Sometimes you can sacrifice the fun to do more work, but that's not necessary. You can have fun and still finish what needs to be done.

It demonstrates inner strength and commitment to the goals you hope to accomplish.

Self-discipline will help you overcome laziness and procrastination and will make you take action to work for what you want to get from your life.

It is extremely likely that a self-disciplined person will take control of his or her life and successfully set specific and attainable goals and be able to reach them!

The practice of self-discipline is dependent on how well you control your thoughts. If you do not have any control over what you think, then you cannot control what you do in your daily life.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you have to have self-discipline when it comes to your diet and exercise. Many times you will want to give up or break your diet by one seemingly harmless cheat meal.

Self-discipline is saying no to that temptation and replacing it with affirmation that there will be a time and a place down the road to eat that meal, preferably once you have reached your goal. By the time you do, you may be disciplined enough to not even want it anymore! 

Life is all about choices. Practicing self-discipline will help you make the right decisions by putting your goals ahead of your instant gratification.

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