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What you need to know about Matte Silk Satin Pajamas

At Crescentt, one of our most popular and best-selling pajama sets are our Matte Silk Satin pajama sets.

If you've never heard of silk satin before, you may be wondering what it is.

We will give you a rundown in this article. 

We will go over Silk, Satin and Matte Silk Satin, respectively.

Let's begin with one of the oldest and most-loved fabrics throughout history: 


What is silk?

Silk is a luxury fabric and has been considered as such for as long as humankind has been trading among nations. According to historians, Silk originated in China and was later on distributed through the Silk Road for trade among other nations, although China did maintain a monopoly on its trade for a very long time. 

Silk is desirable due to its luxurious feel and appearance when woven into fabric. It is glossy and shiny as well as comfortable, and the complexity of its production is why it is so expensive. Thus, silk is mostly worn by celebrities and upper-class individuals.

What was the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was the main set of trade routes connecting the East and the West from the 2nd century BCE until the 18th Century. It was called the Silk Road, because silk was one of the most lucrative goods involved in trade.

What is silk made out of?

According to Discover Magazine, in their article entitled "Silk-Making Is an Ancient Practice That Presents an Ethical Dilemma", Silk is not a plant-based fibre like cotton or hemp, silk is a protein fiber made from the saliva of silkworms.

Therefore, silk is not cruelty-free.

What this article states is that the production of silk relies on the killing of silkworms. Although there is cruelty-free silk from India, called Ahimsa silk, its market is very limited at this time.

What makes silk desirable?

As previously noted, silk is desirable due to the glossy appearance and comfort of the fabric. Another reason is that the glossiness of silk gives the appearance of different colors under different lighting. All of these aspects of silk are no longer completely unique to it anymore - as we are now able to produce silk satin, a man-made fibre mimicking the appearance and softness of traditional silk.

Silk Satin

What is silk satin?

Silk satin is essentially satin, which is a vegan and cruelty-free alternative to silk. Satin is a weave but is not made out of natural fibres like cotton or linen, rather it is man-made out of another filament fabric, most often nylon or polyester. The intention if silk satin is to mimic the qualities of silk and it has successfully done so in many ways.

It maintains the glossy look and silky feel of authentic silk, which is why it is often referred to as "Faux Silk". It is a more affordable option for those who still want a luxurious and silky set of pajamas but do not want to pay a huge price for real silk, nor support the unethical practice of killing silkworms for clothing. 

Matte Silk Satin

Matte silk satin essentially refers to matte satin which is a more luxurious form of satin, with lesser gloss and slightly more weighted fabric.

It is used for a variety of apparel forms, including pajamas, robes and dresses, and like silk satin, it is man-made and cruelty-free, meant as a high-quality alternative to silk.

We offer Matte Silk Satin Pajamas in our collection of Loungewear.

Our pajamas are made of Polyester & Spandex and they are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

They are highly-comfortable and breathable, as well as luxurious-looking without the huge pricetag.

We offer a variety of colours to choose from as well, so you are covered when gifting a pair for yourself or a loved one! They also work great for bridal parties.








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