Unique Patterned Waist Trainers - Crescentt

Unique Patterned Waist Trainers

Crescentt Shapewear offers unique and beautiful designs that are custom made and cannot be found anywhere else. 

Along with the impeccable quality and durability of Crescentt's waist trainers, you will see some very beautiful design work and creativity in their products, which simply adds another dimension of feeling good while wearing them.

Sakura Pink Waist Trainer

Named after the beautiful Cherry Blossoms of Japan in sharing the gorgeous light pink hue, this 9-steel boned latex and cotton waist trainer is a Limited Edition style exclusively sold by Crescentt Shapewear. Featuring a beautiful Henna-inspired floral pattern, it is perfect for those looking for a feminine look in their shapewear. Waist trainers can be work over a thin tank top, to give a modern corset appearance.

light pink waist trainer

light pink waist trainer

Rose-Gold Waist Trainer

Another unique offering by Crescentt Shapewear is the metallic and best-selling Rose-Gold Waist Trainer. Featuring a gorgeously glossy and colour-changing exterior, going between metallic pink and a peach rose-gold, this waist trainer has won the hearts of many of customers, with raving reviews on Amazon Canada. As an added bonus, it is said to smell like Vanilla!

rose-gold waist trainer

rose-gold waist trainer


Find these beautiful waist trainers and more at https://crescentt.com/collections/crescentt-shapewear

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