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The Time You Need To Be You

"Me time" can be pretty rare these days. Most people are so caught up in others' lives that they don't actually take some time to themselves to forget the work and simply relax.

In order to be the best version of yourself, you'll want some time to simply be you. This may mean showing yourself some self-care, or just watching your favorite shows on your favorite couch, by yourself.

Here are some tips on how to better enjoy and create "me time" to unwind in our fast-paced world.

1. Schedule It

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In lighter terms, if you don't think about it or make an intention to do it, how will you get around to finally doing it? Try to keep a mental note that you need some time for yourself or to do something special soon, whether it is a trip or a spa day or just some relaxation time at home.

For a lot of us, if it's not in your schedule, it's not going to happen. That's why scheduling and taking time out to plan really helps.

Having an hour to yourself or a day to yourself should be a regular occurance to offset burnout. There is a lot of mental peace and relaxation when you can go at your own pace and really think about what you're feeling or wanting in your life. 

Putting it into a schedule will make it easier to remember getting the time you need.

2. Sit Quietly and Let Go

When you have some time to yourself, you should make sure that you spend at least a little bit of that time meditating or reflecting and letting your mind wander. This is a mindfulness practice that can help you identify your thought patterns or tensions in your life and address them in an effective way. You want to make sure that when you do this, you can really afford to put aside time for yourself where you won't be interrupted or worrying about replying to an email or any other matter of urgence. It doesn't have to be long either - 15 to 20 minutes would suffice. Putting yourself in a comfortable and private and peaceful spot is all that's needed.

Meditation doesn't have to be super complicated, either. Just sit down and let your mind wander and reflect on yourself and what you really want or need from your life and you can better navigate through your tensions.

3. Soak Up Some Media

TV, books and other forms of entertainment are there for you to enjoy and wind down and forget your current problems. Use these different forms of media as a tool to better be yourself by relaxing and getting in some laughs and perspective. Oftentimes, we are so caught up in our own lives and problems that we forget there is a whole other world out there dealing with their own issues that may even be worse than ours. It's important to be reminded and informed about that so we can appreciate what we do have and be more skillful and positive in dealing with our problems.

4. Self-care

Like the previous point mentioned, it helps to get a little perspective out of your own world at times and realise that other people also struggle and may have it even worse than you. At the same time, media can also expose us to people we may envy and whose lifestyles or physical qualities make us feel worse. Remember, that me-time should be conducive to a healthier state of mind rather than making us feel more stressed and upset. Therefore, try to be cautious in what you view and put into your mind that may affect you negatively.

Filter out and just put your attention on what makes you feel more relaxed and happy in your life and avoid things that contribute to your stress.

Take time out to feel happy and beautiful, whether it is a spa and self-care day to upkeep things you have neglected or just a hot bubble bath and cute outfit and makeup. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and loving yourself as you would another person who is dear to you.

You need your "me time" to help you to find and reconnect with yourself. Make sure you make "me time" a priority in your life and give yourself time to relax and unwind and re-enter the world feeling positive and strong!

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