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The Evolution of Crescentt Luxury

"True luxury can be found within."

Our brand, Crescentt for loungewear, started out being called 'Crescentt Luxury' but I decided to change that. This is why you will see that name and a CL logo in various forms on different products of ours!⁣

I originally named it so because I wanted our products to be luxurious and high-quality.⁣
But I realised later that luxury means different things for different people.⁣
I also felt like it was an isolating term for some.⁣

So while I still stand by the idea of luxurious, high-quality and comfortable products, I really want our brand to feel accessible to the average woman, because really, everyone deserves to experience what it is that "luxury" brings.⁣

At the same time, I am well aware that products are not everything! Luxury can be so much deeper than that. We can have luxury by living a peaceful and fulfilling life and loving ourselves!⁣

So in reality, Crescentt Luxury is just an essence of that - we want people to feel good and valuable at the end of the day, and that would be true luxury to us... 💖

-Asiya, Founder of Crescentt

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