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The Best Shapewear Bodysuit for Muffin Top

Crescentt Shapewear has just released a new collection of Traditional Shapewear.

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About Shapewear

Shapewear is a slimming compression undergarment which helps to reduce the appearance of bulges through clothes to give a more slimmer and hourglass form of the body. Body shapers have been used for centuries by women all over the world. There are many different forms of shapewear: there are girdles and body belts, and various types of wrapping garments. A popular brand in the United States of America and Canada is Spanx, but there are many alternatives that offer the same or even better results.

Benefits of Body Shaping Garments

Women buy and use shapewear to feel good. Anyone who has ever worn a good quality bodysuit or girdle will tell you how amazing they feel in it. It must be comfortable of course. It brings out more confidence and a love of the way the body looks when the bulges are smoothed out. Full back bodysuits, and especially waist trainers, can help improve the posture as well, for an even more attractive and confident stature. 

Most shapewear targets the stomach to give a flat tummy appearance and hourglass shape, but other areas are also considered important in bringing down, such as the thighs and hips. Shapewear comes in many different forms for different purposes. Slimming all these areas can make a woman feel a lot more confident in her clothes, as well as offering a sexy shape to her body.

Reduce Muffin Top

Shapewear is excellent for slimming down the appearance of muffin top (i.e. love handles and lower tummy pooch) to look your absolute best in whatever you wear, but especially if you are wearing a dress. Not many bodysuits are reliable to give that full hourglass shape, but Crescentt Shapewear has worked very hard to bring you the absolute best shapewear on the market for this purpose.

Black Core-Reduction Slimming Bodysuit

Our core reduction slimming bodysuit is the best shapewear bodysuit to bring in the tummy and give a seamless, sexy appearance under clothes. You will look and feel glamourous and magnificent. With an extra layer of latex in the core, along with hooks and a subtle zipper, this bodysuit means business when it comes to giving you that perfect hourglass shape and seamless compression, with maximum comfort to boot. Once the latex core is able to press your curves in, with the support of the hooks and zipper, you will be very pleased to see a gorgeous shape to your body, no matter what your body size is.

black core reduction bodysuit shapewear

The Black Core-Reduction Slimming Bodysuit is available in sizes M-3XL. Check it out here:

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