Shape Up Shortcuts

Shape Up Shortcuts

Let’s face it, when you first start working out, you do not want to wait for the results do you?

For you to stay motivated, it is important that you see some type of result otherwise you may become discouraged.

Below, we will go over some shape up shortcuts that will help you overcome this and you will notice results much quicker this way.

Go Walking

While it may sound like we are giving you the wrong advice here, we aren’t. That is right, you do not want to run. Running actually works out your muscles much quicker and they become tired.

If you walk at a fast pace, you are able to work out much more without the worry of becoming as tired.


Jumping such as jumping jacks or even taking it to the trampoline can help you reach your weight loss goal much quicker. Jumping on a trampoline takes the stress off of your joints and provides you with fun.

Add Some Incline

If you are going for a walk out in the neighborhood or you are using a treadmill, increase your incline to shape yourself up faster.

You can set the incline wherever you are comfortable with it being, but you should shoot for a steep one. You are able to burn more calories when you throw an incline into the mix.

Target All of Your Muscles at Once

If you are looking to get into shape fast, you need to target all of your muscles at once. Taking your time and only hitting one or two groups at a time will take forever.

Focus on exercises that make you work for the end result and leave your entire body feeling good.

Dance for Exercise

Dancing is a great form of exercise and provides you with all of the cardio you need. Try adding it in to your routine and watch as the pounds fall right off.

One of the benefits of a dance class in the gym is that you are able to meet new people, stay motivated, and get into shape.

You will not have to worry about watching the clock as you will be having too much time dancing around the room.

If you are looking to shape up your body fast, now is the time to do it. The above exercise tips will help you overcome any plateau or even the weight loss blues.

Once you start doing these exercises, you will notice the pounds are falling right off and you will be motivated to continue.


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