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Roses Waist Trainer Feature

The Roses patterned Waist Trainer is a staple in the waist training community. A very popular design, we offer it in different versions.

Prioritizing quality, comfort and beauty, Crescentt Shapewear offers 3 variations of this style in their catalogue (

The Short Torso Roses Waist Trainer

A fan favorite, this cute, shorter version of the traditional sized 11.5 inch waist trainer is very popular among those looking for something strikingly pretty and customized for petite ladies. It is 9 inches in vertical length and perfect for women who have shorter abdomens.


short torso waist trainer roses

11.5 inch Standard Roses Waist Trainer

If you are looking for the best price and a less instated look, this is one for you. Currently on sale for only $49.99, this is the cheapest patterned waist trainer offered by Crescentt Shapewear. A very popular and elegant design, this waist trainer is a must-have in any collection and can often be found in the drawers of seasoned waist trainers (hah).

crescentt waist trainer


Roses Vest Waist Trainer

The most popular of the 3 roses styles, our exclusive, customized Roses Vests are a definite fan favourite on Amazon USA and Canada. Offering our biggest sizes up to 6XL, these vests are an excellent investment for all-around body shaping and full back coverage. They are the best way to smooth out back fat and get the most comfort while waist cinching. Read about their benefits.

 Roses Vest Crescentt Shapewear

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