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Loungewear and Self-Love

We love to get dressed up and look good, especially when going out. It often uplifts us and gives us a sense of internal validation when we feel like we look good and are dressed in an attractive and stylish way.

But what about when we are home?

It is often the case that we neglect ourselves at home, especially in the department of dressing nicely. But how important it actually is! Because when we are at home, we spend a lot more time looking at ourselves in the mirror and being aware of ourselves, thoughts and what we are wearing! So although it may not seem like it, that rugged t-shirt and oversized sweats may actually be influencing our feelings about ourselves in a negative or not so conducive way, for our well-being.

Think about it. When you put on a nice and curated outfit, you feel happy, a sense of joy and euphoria, especially when you go out.

You’re more confident. You feel good about yourself and you feel attractive.

Now think about the opposite.

You’re at home. You’re wearing sweats and something worn out and/or uncomfortable.

You likely feel like crap right?

Or at least, you are not feeling that joy like you feel in the previous situation. This actually impacts you mental health and how you feel about yourself and that matters a lot.

Since the lockdowns have happened, we have spent more time than imaginable being inside our homes. And we have suffered, a LOT, as a result.

Pandemic stress women

In fact, it was reported by WebMD, back in December 2020, that

"more than 66% of the survey participants reported poor sleep quality and more than 39% reported worsening insomnia. All said they had increased anxiety and distress.

Sleep problems, depression and anxiety symptoms were more common in women than in men, according to the report published online recently in the journal Frontiers in Global Women's Health.

"Generally, the study found women reporting more anxiety and depression," said study author Veronica Guadagni, a postdoctoral scholar in the University of Calgary School of Medicine. "Their symptoms worsened over time and with greater length of the isolation period."


Could you imagine why?

Without the validation and apparent self-confidence that social interactions bring, a lot of women struggled immensely. This struggle could have been for a variety of reasons, but a crucial one that may be overlooked is self-love.

What is self-love exactly? By the Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation, self-love is defined as “a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth”. Profound, isn’t it?

In reality, self-love is encompassed by many thoughts and behaviours, as well as choices, in a person’s life. And it is not static, it is definitely something that can shift and be impacted by a variety of factors at different points in a person’s life. But the most important thing is that in order to grow and be physically, psychologically and spiritually healthy, we need self-love.

Just like you would feel love for another person, animal, or thing, you need to feel love for yourself too!

In fact, it is so essential and unfortunate that this is not recognized or acknowledged by society. Then, is it any wonder that we spend so much time chasing love from others?

Self-love is treating yourself with the same kind of care and compassion that you would give, want or expect from others.

It is being considerate of your feelings. It is wanting to cheer yourself up. It is wanting to affirm yourself positively with compliments. It is by respecting yourself and wanting the best for your health: emotional, physical and spiritual.

So, how does treating yourself fit into this?

Well certainly, giving is a huge part of love. And, as a matter of fact, if you don’t give, or receive from others, you tend to be miserable.

The same concept applies if you don’t give to yourself and you instead deprive yourself of good things. It is kind of like punishing yourself.

When you are at home, you are more vulnerable. You have social media, television, loneliness creeping up on you – and if you don’t love yourself, you are often in a very poor and sometimes even dire situation mentally, which can also impact your physical health.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to foster and grow your self-love and see yourself as valuable and deserving of good things. 

Taking care of yourself.

You NEED to treat yourself to care and compassion that you’d want for others. You need to uplift yourself and engage in activities that make you feel good about yourself instead of bad.

And this is where wardrobe comes in.

You should have a nice wardrobe at home for your home wear closet.

You should be investing in yourself by owning comfy, beautiful pairs of pajamas and loungewear that will support your self-care and self-love at home.

You will be sleeping in them, so you should certainly choose comfortable material to improve your sleep. You should invest in breathable, lightweight and comfy material that will help you fall sleep faster and be more comfortable through the night.

And you should be able to look in the mirror, happier than ever at what you see looking back at you.

Sometimes all it takes is a gorgeous loungewear or pajama set. Literally.

At Crescentt, we offer only the best loungewear for women.

We make sure to source ethically and sustainably where possible, to make sure you have as many positive benefits as possible when you invest in our products.

You will find material that is comfy, sweat-resistant, breathable, as well as chic and fashionable, tailored to every woman’s style and preference. We offer a variety of colors for our styles so that no one is left out.

And we try to make our high-quality sleepwear as affordable as we possibly can, so that everyone can benefit from a little bit of luxury at home.

Try out our pajamas!

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