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How To Get Through Your Worst Days

Ups and downs happen in life and this mere fact should be acknowledged so you are better prepared for the lows. Nevertheless, no matter how prepared you may be for the worst, it can still be a trying time to get through struggles. Whether it is grief, financial setbacks, family issues or health problems, there are some key things you can do to make it a little easier to cope and get through them. 

Not only will you survive whatever you are going through during these times, but you will also be better equipped to help someone else going through tough times. Your experience may be incredibly consoling and inspiring!

Visualise happiness

Be optimistic about the future. You have many opportunities that you may not realise exist but are actually perfectly suited for your skills and talents! Always be hopeful for the best and optimistic about whatever challenge that comes to you - perhaps there is an important lesson in it or something you need to overcome which is why it’s been put on your life path. When you visualise something better for yourself, you have a much easier time picking yourself up from setbacks and pushing yourself forward instead of dwelling on the past or what tragedy happened. By all means, grieve and give yourself time to process your difficulties and the situation but be sure you do have something to look forward to in life! Try to set some short-term and long-term goals, try to see the bright side and positive things where possible. You will be less impacted by stress this way. There is also a thing to be said about the Law of Attraction which states that positive thinking attracts positive outcomes in a person’s life. Some people truly swear by this way of thinking so you can definitely look into it deeper along with Visualisation.

Find Your Higher Power

You might not believe in the same religion as your friends or family. You might not even know what you should believe in. But if you can believe that there is indeed a higher power of some sort – that is what you want to focus on to see the bigger picture.

You have to release some of your control to the higher power and remember that everything happens for a reason. Instead of focusing on how terrible your troubles are, focus on why this may have happened. When you dig deep, you often realise various reasons for the outcome that you got. It may not always be easy to accept but many events in life are meant to teach us important lessons, whether about ourselves or other people or about the world at large. Make sure to reflect deeply and really search for answers to what may be perplexing you in your difficult circumstance.

Talk to others and seek consolation

Humans are social creatures and no one can change or deny this fact. A human being cannot exist or thrive as an island, and we all need validation and care from others to feel at our best. Therefore, if you are going through tough times, make sure you have a circle of people you can reach out to to talk and get some insight, advice or validation. People are all different from one another and everyone can offer a unique perspective on any given situation and it is important that you are able to get that different perspective to gain a better understanding of events in your life. Human relationships are a valuable resource for mental health and overcoming challenges. Be sure to not be afraid to reach out to others and be vulnerable to share what you are going through. Most people will be sympathetic at least and offer help and advice, which will certainly make you feel a lot better!

Never give up

Be a survivor, be a warrior. Winners never quit and quitters never win! No matter what happens to you in life, never give up on who you are, your dreams, your ambitions and your potential. You have amazing qualities and talents that are waiting to be awakened and noticed! Always have an attitude of overcoming whatever setback comes your way. Know that the most successful people in history came from very challenging backgrounds and often went through many terrible experiences, yet they still achieved so much greatness in the end. Let people like that inspire you and find people who motivate you to keep going. This piece of advice cannot be stressed enough! Life always gets better, dark days are never permanent although they may seem long! There is always a light at the end of the tunnel in this life so just be hopeful for better days.

We hope this advice was helpful! Remember to never give up no matter what you are going through. Tough times never last, but tough people do!

We hope you enjoyed this article from Crescentt! We work hard to bring you amazing and inspiring content to help you live better and happier being you! Look out for more self-care and wellness articles on our Blog.

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