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Healthy Habits That Comfort Your Inner Self

Sometimes we really need to comfort ourselves inside. We may be struggling and going through hard times and don't know where to turn or what to change in our lives. The following will be a list of important habits to incorporate in your life today to really be more happy, fulfilled and comforted. And all you will need is yourself and cooperation.

Having a healthier lifestyle and outlook on life can goes a long way through the peaceful habits learned. By changing small things you do on a regular basis, you can improve the quality of your life and happiness drastically.

Here are some of the best habits you can incorporate to give you health and more comfort in your life:

1. If you smoke - stop - Whether it is tobacoo or marijuana, there are definite things that go wrong when you smoke regularly. Although the effects of each are different, as well as the intensity of the harm, neither dependency is going to serve you in the long run. An addiction becomes a crutch to put off dealing with problems in a healthy way and in fact, ends up damaging relationships along with your mental or physical health. The fact of the matter is - the most high-achieving people are seldom smokers. There is a thing about healthy body and healthy mind and that should go for every choice you make in your life. Try to avoid anything that can damage you that you do not need to survive.

While qutting may seem difficult, it's not at all impossible and it's been done before by millions! When you quit smoking, you are being stronger than the object that you are or have been attached too. And this is a thing to celebrate, that will certainly give you a boost of confidence. Who doesn't love achieving things? Achievements enrich your life and contribute to overall happiness for the long run.

2. Exercise regularly! - It is said over and over again and everywhere you go, but it's true! You need to be active to be your best and happiest self. You need to take time out to go for walks or runs, to do some working out and a bit of strenuous activities to really get the blood flowing throughout your body and the endorphins released, to relax and elevate your mood. Exercise is so important for good mental health and contributes positively to happiness in a person's life. Hit the gym! Get a buddy if you need or watch some videos on Youtube to get your workouts going right at home. Susana Yabar is a favourite of mine! Looking good is also feeling good, which is only the cherry on top!

3. Avoid processed foods and opt for the more natural alternatives - A lot of food now is processed and when you eat processed foods, you’re eating a lot more sugar and calories than anything else. Processed goods also contan artifical chemicals and preservatives and these are not necessarily great for your health when you have too much of them. Sugar is an addiction that adds to weight gain, can increase burnout or sluggishness and also contribute directly to the development of diabetes and deterioration of teeth through cavities. All these are awful consequences that should really ward a person off of too much cake! But society has conditioned us to be addicted to sugary desserts. Being more health-conscious will certainly improve your life in a multitude of ways. When you opt for healther and more natural options, for one thing, you absorb way more nutrients which boost important functions in your body. You get energized from eating less. You are more active and optimistic AND you maintain your body weight to healthy and satisfactory level. This will also keep you feeling better about yourself mentally, so really, eating healthier WILL comfort your inner self better for the long run. You will be more confident and attractive to others as well.

4. Try to reduce the stress in your life - This may be easier to say than done. But stress is one of the major factors causing deterioration of the body and mind in a person's life. So in reality, reducing or eliminating it is crucial to live a better life. It is helpful to take on healthier habits in your life such as the ones mentioned above, like eating healther by avoiding processed foods and sugars, exercising and quitting smoking but there also other important changes that can help eliminate or minimise stress. One major one is worry. 99% of the things humans worry about never happen. Can you imagine? Most worry is pointless and detrimental for nothing and only causes harm rather than benefit in any way! So live your life without fearing the unknown and just be happy in the present moment. Live day by day and try to end your day feeling happy with what you did. This will certainly lead to less stress overall and a new habit will be formed that will be more beneficial for the long run. 

When you can change your habits to take better care of yourself, you will live a lot happier day to day and also be healthier mentally and physically.

Try to relax more often and appreciate and enjoy the smaller things in life. Talk to people you love, you uplift you, go out for walks or jogging, spend time in nature and meet new, interesting people that you can talk to and learn from. Travel if you are able and appreciate what you do have going in your life. Love yourself. 

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