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Crescentt Luxury Brand Identity

What does Crescentt Luxury mean?

crescentt luxury

Crescentt Luxury is our line of luxurious loungewear. It was born out of a deep desire and craving for relaxation and comfort and the feel-good feeling that a person gets while on vacation. We want to recreate that feeling at home. 

Crescentt is about feel-good products. We want people to feel their best, whether they are at home, or outside. We want our customers to know that they don't need to dress up fancy just when going out to feel good, that they can really feel beautiful at home. It is no secret that looking good can lead to feeling good. But nowhere is it said that you must dress up and go out to feel this way! You can actually produce the same feelings while looking and feeling comfortable at home!

What do we want for our customers? That they be able to feel confident and good about themselves at home, where we believe they should, as it would not require outside validation! Feeling good by wearing nice, comfy pajamas, feeling comfortable and relaxed, and taking care of yourself is extremely important to health and mental well-being. Feeling positive inside is powerful and can transform your self-image and your life!

What do we stand for? We stand for empowerment. Feeling good and enough, no matter what anyone thinks or says. We believe that we are powerful, we are in charge and we are beautiful and comfortable in our skin! We feel good at home and can look in the mirror and feel happy at what is looking back at us! We sincerely believe that all it takes is a nice pair of pajamas. :)

Where do we want to see changes? What do we want to be a part of?

We want to help the environment by sourcing environmentally-friendly clothing and products. 

We want to protect animals and give them their rights by not harming them. Therefore, we are committed to sourcing 100% cruelty-free products.

We want to protect the rights of employees and workers who create our products. We source ethically to ensure the best treatment of our manufacturers. 

We believe strongly in helping yourself and helping others. Empathy, love and care are our core values. ♥️

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