Best Fabrics for People with Fibromyalgia

Best Fabrics for People with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia comes in with a whole lot of challenges and limitations, and handling the pain is just one of them.

As if choosing the right lotions and soaps wasn’t difficult enough, there is also the issue of choosing the right clothes that don’t hurt and are breathable.

Lucky for you, I have got the list of fabrics that are best for fibro sufferers


Many of the fibromyalgia sufferers choose to go commando when they are at home just to relieve the pain, but if you pick the right fabrics, there is really no need for that.

For underwear, go for cotton ones which do not have any elastic waistband because those could really cause pressure on your stomach. Also, no thongs or bikini underwear.

Coming to bras, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right size. If the band is too tight, or if you feel any extra pressure on your back, then you need to get measured up again.

Also, ditch all your underwire bras. Yes, they might give you that extra support and push up but it’s not worth the pain.
Picking out dresses

Always go for dresses with light fabrics like cotton or chiffon. Choose the dresses that flow and do not have any elastic bands around the sleeves or the waist.

To keep yourself comfortable, you could wrap yourself with a woollen scarf.


Pick out pure cotton or cotton blend shirts, but make sure they are one size bigger than what you usually wear to keep the comfort levels high. For days when you are too much in pain, opt for button-up shirts instead of T-shirts because the former are easier to wear.

While buying sweaters, make sure they are lightweight because bulky woollen sweaters could put pressure on your skin.
Trousers and skirts

Yes, denims make us look amazing, but wearing them can be extremely painful. So this is where you need to keep fashion aside and take your wellbeing seriously.

Go for cotton blend loose fitted trousers for formal meetings, and drawstring sweatpants for everything else.

And for skirts, stick to silk fabrics with comfortable waistbands.

Also, if you do like to wear socks daily, then skip the long ones and wear ankle waist socks instead. And remember – stay away from bulky fabrics, cotton should be your way to go.

You could give tight diabetic hosiery a try, but not everyone feels comfortable in them.

Panty hoses are a big no-no because they are skin tight and they can leave you in severe pain. If you don’t want to show bare legs, just wear a long dress instead.


Though the answer will differ from person to person, as a whole stay away from man-made fabrics like nylon, polyester, acetate, acrylic and rayon.

All of these fabrics have been chemically created and they are a source of toxins. Before buying clothes, have a look at the clothing label properly. The company might claim the clothes are ‘pure cotton’ when actually they might be 90% cotton, and 10% polyester.

Also, try and see what fabrics work the most for you. If certain fabrics are causing too much discomfort, discard them immediately and move further. After all, it is all about easing the pain.


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