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Benefits of Waist Training

Waist Training comes with numerous benefits. 

Some of these benefits include: aiding in weight loss, achieving a more defined waist, improving posture, curing diastasis recti and more.

We will go more deeply into each of these benefits and why you should start today!

Crescentt Shapewear's waist trainer collection:

1. Lose inches off the waist

By waist training regularly, you will see a reduction of your waistline. This is because waist trainers function similar to corsets from the renaissance, which were used to cinch the waist down to achieve an hourglass body shape. Waist trainers however, are not the same. They are far more comfortable and offer a more reasonable tightness to achieve similar results. Most ladies are happy to cut down a few inches from the waist and this is exactly what waist trainers are able to help achieve.

2. Control your appetite

When a waist trainer is worn, one has more conscious control over their eating throughout the day. The waist trainer aids in reminding you to not overeat. It allows you to eat until you are sufficiently full and leaves you feeling satisfied rather than bloated. This in turn helps to reduce calorie intake dramatically, leading to overall body fat loss over consistent use of the waist trainer.

3. Helps you to lose weight

As mentioned above, wearing a waist trainer helps to control how much you eat in a portion. While wearing it, you are more conscious of how much you eat and your stomach feels more satisfied with less, reminding you of your goals. The waist trainer helps you to be conscious throughout the day to move around and what you are hoping to achieve at the end of each day.

4. Make you more active

Wearing a waist trainer feels best when you are in motion and not sitting down. Therefore, even if you are at home, a waist trainer will make you get up and move and burn calories. It motivates you to keep active and fit and makes you feel quite happy seeing your body shape while wearing it. This will motivate you even more to work hard for your goals.

5. Improves your posture

Wearing a waist trainer will give you impeccable posture. It helps you to stand straight and upright and fix your back up. The gentle but durable spiral-steel bones help to achieve this while gradually pulling in your tummy. Vest waist trainers offer full coverage of the back for additional upper back support.

lose inches off waist

6. The Stomach Vacuum technique comes naturally

This is a popular technique within the fitness community which is used to lose inches off the waist and it works. Waist trainers help to do this naturally while you are wearing one. Because of that initial struggle in the beginning in trying to put the waist trainer on, your stomach naturally has to suck itself in to shape into the waist trainer - this leads you to unconsciously keep your waist in while waist training which leads to the stomach vacuum technique being practiced without you being aware of it! This is also one of the reasons why waist trainers are among the best ways to reduce waist size. See the many testimonies online - they really work!

7. Cures diastasis recti

Waist trainers are actually able to cure this post-pregnancy problem that many women face after giving birth. Diastasis recti happens when the abs separate within the body to support the growing fetus. This ab separation carries on after birth to different extents for different women - some women are able to naturally re-align the abs again whereas many women end up having a gap remain, which requires exercises, and waist trainers, to bring down! Waist trainers have shown a high level of effectiveness in pulling the abdominal muscles back together after giving birth, because by wearing one, the stomach naturally has to compress itself in and the muscles are more inclined to move to the pressure of the belly wrap around the stomach. This is why, in so many cultures around the world, women swear by belly wrapping after birth. Waist trainers make this process much easier and provide precisely the right amount of compression without harming the body, all while allowing new moms to easily move around and carry their child without the belly wrap falling apart. Waist trainers are absolutely the best kind of waist cincher!

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