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All About Bamboo Fabric

Crescentt prides itself in the high-quality and super comfortable loungewear and pajamas that it offers. It's no doubt that the Organic Bamboo Pajamas are the most luxurious pair of pajamas you could possibly own. Not only are they extremely soft, they are also incredibly environmentally-friendly. 

Here you can read about Bamboo and why it is an incredible fabric that you must try.

Bamboo is a fiber derived from the bamboo plant that is now used in textiles and clothing of various kinds, where previously this was not possible.

With the growing concerns about harm to the environment and global warming, bamboo fabric is a welcome innovation in the sphere of sustainability.

Bamboo is a great substitute for plastic and cotton fibers, which helps to greatly reduce the impact of pollution in its production and disposal. Being that bamboo is derived from a plant, it is also biodegradable and often organic.

Here are some benefits of Bamboo fiber and why you should definitely consider replacing your textiles with it!

1. As mentioned above, Bamboo is environmentally-friendly: Organic and Bio-degradable, it inflicts minimal environmental damage in its production and disposal.

2. Bamboo viscose fabrics are highly sweat-absorbent, which means they will keeps you dry, and are especially good for sleepwear and for those who struggle with night sweats.

3. Adding to the previous point, but also a strong point on its own, bamboo is also anti-bacterial, which will keep you odor-free, another great thing when lounging at home.

4. Bamboo is considered the most eco-friendly fabric on the planet! We've mentioned a lot about its environmental benefits, so please do make sure to read further to learn more.

5. Bamboo is highly insulant - it keeps you nice and cool in the summer and yet warm enough for the winter. This is an interesting phenomena when you wear bamboo pajamas - I highly suggest you get a pair and see for yourself!

6. Bamboo is extremely soft and comfortable. When you wear bamboo fabrics, you hardly feel them, except for a gentle softness and all-around comfort on your body. Bamboo viscose clothing is super soft and comfy, especially as lounge and sleepwear, and is often used for luxury brands as a result.

7. Bamboo pajamas are lightweight and breathable yet not thin and overly transparent. They never feel itchy, hot or restrictive. In fact, bamboo is super breathable and feels feathery light when you wear it.

8. Bamboo is stretchy, but durable and firm. Bamboo is a strong material which is also very stretchy and lightweight, as previously mentioned, yet also durable and long-lasting due to its firmness. You will not see bamboo de-threaded, pilling or falling apart over time. As a matter of fact, bamboo clothing can serve you all-year round as well as for many years to come!

Grab a pair of our luxuriously soft Organic Bamboo Pajamas in our Loungewear Collection. You won't be disappointed!



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