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Tightening the Tummy - Ebook Introduction

Taking the time to work on your abs is sure to be time that is well spent. You'll be able to fit into outfits better, leading to greater self-confidence and you'll be proud of yourself for achieving your goals.

The key to reaching your ab goals rests in the things you do daily. Weight loss - and a tighter tummy - lies in a combination of factors including the right diet, exercise routine, motivation and in our case, the use of a waist trainer.

Some of the things we will go over in our eBook include:

  • Abdominal exercises

You will want to take time to learn and get comfortable with some basic abdominal exercises. These will work to strengthen and tighten the stomach muscles, also called the 'core' and enable you to have less fat over time around the stomach.

  • Engaging in cardio and its benefits

Taking the time to do some cardio exercises is sure to be of great benefit to your overall health. Going for walks or jogs or even using some gym equipment is an ideal way to lose overall body fat and build strength, naturally tightening the muscles and shedding belly fat.

  • Healthy eating

Eating well is a core component of weight loss. In fact, 80% of losing weight lies in the food you consume regularly. We will go over what to avoid and what to prioritize to help achieve your goals.

  • Waist training

Women of the past often wore corsets to achieve a smaller stomach and the coveted hourglass body shape. Cultures around the world have been using belly wraps to keep tummies slim and sexy. Waist training is a modern form of this tradition that is safe and comfortable and helps deliver real results. We will go over how it benefits in weight loss and losing inches from the waistline.

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