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5 Ways What You Wear At Home Matters

After a long day at work, all you can think about is getting home and putting on some comfortable clothes. We may like the clothes we wear to work, but they are not always the most comfortable.
What you wear after work is just as important as what you wear to work.
Here are 5 reasons why what you wear at home matters. 

You Feel More Relaxed and Less Stressed

When you dress up, whether it’s for an event or work, it makes you feel different. You feel good about yourself because you look great!  
The same goes for loungewear. Nice comfy clothes make you feel more relaxed, less stressed. After you have worked all day and felt the pressure of being productive, getting into your loungewear lets your mind know work is over, it’s time to wind down.
When you put on soft clothes, you have a feeling of freedom! It puts you in a good mood and, you’ll be signaling your brain that it’s going to be time for bed soon.

Better Sleep

Sleep is vital to both physical and mental health. When we sleep, our body repairs itself from the damage that occurs from free radicals.  
Your brain also runs processes (just like a computer) that slow it down after a busy day and goes through a cleansing and healing process.
When you don’t get the right quality of sleep, your mind has trouble focusing. You feel more stress and anxiety.
That’s where the loungewear comes in! Because you are relaxed and not feeling stress you can get good quality sleep. Not only that, putting on loungewear every day when you get home signals your brain that it is time to wind down for bed which allows you to fall asleep faster.

What You Wear Affects How You Feel

You get dressed up at work, making you feel a variety of ways like attractive or confident. It’s the same for loungewear. When you put on a good set of loungewear, it makes you feel comfortable and happy.  
It’s impossible to feel good if the loungewear you relax in is scratchy or falling because you have had it for years and the waistband is not elastic anymore.
A good pair of loungewear or PJs can help boost your mood!

Routines Are Good For Mental Health

Psychologists say when you have a routine, it’s good for your mental well-being. When you are ready to relax and settle down for the evening, you put on comfortable clothes that tell your mind you are ready to rest.
Having a routine helps you feel in control of your actions it reduces stress. In turn, this reduces anxiety.

It's a Form of Self Care

Self-care is vital to good mental health. Finding me time, reducing stress, and eating right are all forms of self-care.  
Putting on comfortable lounging clothes is another way to tell yourself “I Love You!”. You are relieving stress and allowing yourself to be relaxed. It’s a form of pampering yourself!
There is no better feeling than putting on a pair of soft silky loungewear. It helps you relax, get rid of stress, and helps reduce anxiety. If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to something special, put on a pair of soft, comfortable PJs or loungewear from our store. You’ll never want to take them off!


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