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5 Reasons You Need a Pair of Silk Satin Pajamas

Everyone loves to look glorious at home. And a luxurious, silky pair of pajamas will do that for you.

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should definitely have a pair (or more) of silk satin pajamas!


1. They're vegan and cruelty-free. 

That's right, silk satin pajamas are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. This means you can sleep guilt-free and thus, more peacefully, knowing that your purchase was not at the expense of cruelty to any silkworms. Silk satin is 100% man-made and ethical, made of a synthetic, super soft and glossy material akin to silk. While it is often simply called polyester, a general term for synthetic fabrics, it is definitely unique in its shine and feel - being so silky and bright! It can be found under different names depending on its varied qualities in texture and feel. For example, in the past, it was referred to as "peau de soie" by the French as a luxury fabric alternative to silk from silkworms. It is the perfect choice to invest in a high-quality silk satin set if you want to minimise the harm you do the environment and animals through your purchase of clothing.


2. They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Silk satin is wonderful because it can be woven and dyed into a variety of bright and beautiful colors that shine under light and brighten up the person who wears them. In our selection, we offer a multitude of beautiful colors to choose from for your silk satin pajama set. Choose one or choose many, they are all beautiful and pleasing to the eyes!


3. They're  good for your skin.

Like silk, silk satin is soft and lightweight and not harsh on the skin when you sleep or lounge in it. Being a fabric that is also breathable, it will certainly let air circulate over your body while you wear it. People who suffer from eczema or other skin conditions will feel well taken care of in a pair of luxurious silk satin pajamas as it will certain reduce or prevent any skin irritations to people will sensitive skin. Additionally, they will also help against night sweats!


4. They're good for your hair

You can be that hair breakage will be minimal when you sleep in a silky pj set as the fabric reduces friction and pulling on the hair to help prevent split ends. You may even have a glossier feel to your hair by wearing one of these peau de soie sets! 


5. Silk satin pajamas are a classic

Silk satin pajamas will never go out of style. A high-quality pair is long-lasting and won't lose it's shine over time and won't fall apart either. Not only that, but the sheer chic and luxurious qualities of silk fabric will always have their place in fashion and style, especially in the bedroom. 

So, with that being said, be sure of grab yourself a pair of sexy silk satin pajamas from Crescentt! It will certainly brighten up your closet at home and encourage you to sleep better so you can be more of your beautiful self at home! 

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