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5 Hacks For Better Sleep

Sleep, one of the best things in life: wonderful dreamlands, never-ending curiosities and refreshing of the mind, body and spirit.

Every human needs sleep, and some of us have a hard time getting it, whether it is from work stress, family, finances, future uncertainties or other problems plaguing us. 

Nonetheless, it is important to avoid sleep deprivation as much as possible as it can shorten your lifespan. Take care of yourself so you can be the best that you can be, for yourself and for others. 

When we fall asleep our body automatically creates melatonin. Melatonin is the body’s natural way of falling asleep.

Be sure to create the right type of ambiance and setting within the area of your bedroom in order to benefit from a restful night’s sleep. Center yourself, de-stress, and take in your calm surroundings before hitting the sheets.

Surroundings, sounds, and lighting are key points that can positively influence your sleep...

5 Hacks for Better Sleep:

  1. Wash bed sheets every single week if possible. This will keep them clean and pristine and likely smelling wonderful! Remember to also replace your pillows and mattress over time, to make sure your body is comfortable and to avoid any sort of dust mite or bed bugs. 
  2. Keep technology away from the bedroom where possible, including: smartphones, iPads, laptops, and more. Turning them off is recommended and airplane mode is also helpful. At the very least, they should be fully silent. Minimizing electronic distractions is immensely important for keeping a busy brain at bay. Technostress is a real thing! Disconnect yourself from technology and chores from your daily routine to enjoy a peaceful and restful night. Your body will thank you!
  3. Choose soft and neutral tones for the walls of your bedroom. Too many colours can be distracting and contribute to mental clutter, which can disrupt your rest. Furthermore, studies have shown that colours can trigger different types of emotions, and in order to sleep restfully, you want to make sure you feel at peace. Pick colours that make you feel happy and calm.
  4. Always keep the temperature cool within the room you are inhabiting. Usually 68 degrees-70 degrees fahrenheit is more agreeable to sleep in, which has been tested by research. You don’t want to wake up stuffy or from uncomfortable night sweats!
  5. Keeping a notebook on your nightstand is also a helpful way to declutter your mind from intrusive thoughts. Sometimes people like to keep a dream diary. It is also helpful to pour out your thoughts or problems into a notebook to release them from your mind and get mental clarity on them. 

Keeping your sleeping area clean, peaceful-looking and decluttered, avoiding technological devices and intrusive thoughts are all helpful methods you can implement today to improve your sleep every night. Creating a cool and calm ambiance in your surroundings is the key to unwind and relax to increase melatonin in your body naturally in order to improve the quality of your sleep every night.

If you are up late reading this, go back to bed, and dream away.

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