Our ultimate vision at Crescentt is to help women achieve self-love through self-care. We want to do this by providing educational resources on wellness and mental health as well as through various products that support our mantra Quality, Comfort, Beauty.

The Story Behind Crescentt

It doesn’t matter what happens around us, whether we get things from people or not, love and contentment is something that we can give to ourselves and foster within us, to live better and happier lives.


My name is Asiya and I founded the brand Crescentt.  

The idea for Crescentt came to me sometime after I gave birth and was struggling with post-partum depression, which I didn't realise at the time. Depression was in my family and I grew up fairly troubled. I also rushed into marriage and got pregnant pretty fast. I didn't realise what I was in for, as after I had a child, so much of 'me' came crashing down. I could hardly take care of myself and I even had difficulty loving my child- because I didn't love myself.

The truth of the matter is, we can only give love to others as much as we have it for ourselves. If our "love tank" is empty, there is not much to giveat all! I had a pretty empty love tank due to various experiences that made me feel unvaluable.

I needed self-love to get myself out of the hole I was in.

One of the big problems I had was that due to difficulties growing up and even our culture and society, I had relied on a fantasy to fulfill me. I thought that when I would get married, I would get everything I never had before. But the truth is, no human can actually fulfill these unrealistic expectations, nor should we resent anyone for it.

I needed to stop waiting for others to give me what was in fact, unconditional love, that I sought and instead start taking care of and loving myself. 

It doesn't matter what happens around us, whether we get things from people or not, because love and contentment is something that we need to give to ourselves first and foremost.

To live better and happier, I had to undo some damaging thought patterns I had about myself, a lot of them unconscious.

One of them was that I did not feel like I was worthy of good things.

I grew up deprived of many nice things other children got from parents due to various issues in my family and it really impacted my feelings self-worth and self-esteem.

I always craved a rescue fantasy, that after marriage someone would love me unconditionally and heal my internal wounds... but there is only so much one human can do for another.

I needed to give myself what I needed the most. I needed to care for, value, and love myself, instead of expecting another person to do it.


When I started my online store, I found myself continuously drawn to bathrobes and comfy and beautiful loungewear and pajamas.

It reminded me of some trips I had taken after marriage and hotel stays, which I loved. There was such a feeling of peace and relaxation associated with comfy homewears, which was intoxicating for me. Even looking at pictures relaxed something inside of me, including my anxiety and sadness. At home, I usually felt pretty bad about myself because I did not bother dressing nicely at all and only wore old worn-out things - like t-shirts and sweatpants for boys.

When I did order samples of some lovely pajama sets, I felt something I never felt before!

When wearing the comfortable and pretty pajamas and bathrobes, I felt an enormous delight. Looking at myself in the mirror, I looked and felt fantastic! These homewears uplifted me and made me feel more productive, beautiful, and somehow even boosted my feelings of self-worth and made me care more about myself.

Now, I can't function at home unless I am wearing some of my favourite pairs of pajamas. I wake up feeling great, I sleep comfortably at night and I always feel happy when I see myself in the mirror.

Sometimes all it takes is to treat yourself to nice things, because you ARE worth it and you DO deserve more!

Now, I don't want to say or imply that happiness comes from material things. What I do want to iterate is that sometimes we treat ourselves badly and deprive ourselves of good things that would actually improve our lives and make us feel better about ourselves.

So with my brand Crescentt, I really want to emphasize self-care and self-love and offer only the best and most comfortable products to help women feel more confident on a day-to-day basis.

Too many times I have seen women like I was, with similar feelings of low self-worth and self-value. More than enough women experience traumas big or small, leaving them feeling like they are not good enough or valuable. And that pains me to a deep level.

We at Crescentt want to offer products that can make the person using them feel great about them and in them.

So we stick by our Motto - Quality, Comfort, Beauty to deliver the best that we possibly can.

Thank you very much for visiting our site and reading this far. We look forward to walking the journey ahead with you!

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