"I have found my new favourite pajama set." -Michelle's Review



Benefits of Matte Silk Satin


✅ A cruelty-free alternative to silk

Our Pajama Sets are ethically-sourced and made of a high-quality synthetic silk material which does not harm any living creature.

✅ It’s good for your hair. 

Satin’s smooth surface decreases friction and tugging on your hair, making it less likely to get tangled up and get hair breakage. It also maintains your hair’s moisture, leaving it soft and silky for longer.

✅ It’s good for your skin. 

Beauty sleep is a real thing when you’re wearing our Matte Silk Satin pajamas. Because satin isn’t drying, it maintains your skin’s moisture. Many people also believe that wearing and sleeping in satin can help with skin conditions. This is because its smooth surface results in less friction and irritation to the skin.

✅ Regulates your temperature while you sleep.

Our Matte Silk Satin Sets are lightweight and breathable. They will keep you cool in the night so you won't have to worry about night sweats.

Crescentt Matte Silk Pajamas

✨ Made of High-Quality Matte Silk Satin

Highly comfortable and soft, as well as beautifully luxurious, with a wide variety of colours to choose from.

✨ Make the Perfect Gift

Crescentt PJ sets make the perfect gift for a friend or to treat yourself. We have colors for everyone while the pajamas are roomy and well-fitted.

✨ Silky, sexy nightwear

These pyjama sets are super silky and sexy to wear at home whether as lounge wear or sleepwear. They are gorgeously chic button-down pijama sets with long, flowy pants and can be worn in a variety of styles. They are perfectly suited for multiple occasions such as bridal events and vacation getaways.

✨ Super soft on skin

Whether you suffer from eczema or sensitive skin, or you just like to wear soft materials at home, these pajamas are the perfect choice. Made of high quality, breathable matte satin, these pjs will not irritate your skin in the least.

✨ Help prevent night sweats

These pajamas are lightweight and breathable, and made for year-long wear. They are excellent for if you suffer from nightsweats as they will not overheat your body.

Quality, Comfort, Beauty is our Motto and we maintain these standards for all our products.