Why Sleepwear = Self-Love?


At Crescentt, we believe that investing in high-quality sleep and loungewear is an important form of self-care and self-love that often gets neglected.

Our daytime apparel is used to show people our personalities, what we like and where we’re going. What we wear at home is a much more private affair. At home is where we are vulnerable - It is our time to wind-down, relax and rid ourselves of any judgment.

However, we still judge ourselves, consciously or unconsciously. Just like an attractive outfit makes us look and feel good when going out, what we wear at home similarly affects our self-image, and subsequently, our mood.

The truth is what you wear at home has a large impact, not only on your body, but also on your sense of self and how you feel about yourself. Comfortable loungewear that makes you feel good, as well as look good, can actually uplift your mood and make you feel better overall while in the vulnerability of your home, where you may judge yourself the harshest.


Feel Good Pajamas

Benefits of wearing quality loungewear for health and sleep

Did you know that what you wear to bed makes a difference in your sleep quality and overall health? According to the CDC, 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Consistent poor-quality sleep can impact long-term health problems and overall productivity.

Taking care of yourself means feeling good both on the outside and inside. We believe this can be as simple as wearing the right pajamas to help you drift away to slumberland.

Wearing comfy, high-quality loungewear can improve sleep by:

  • Keeping you warm at night. Wearing pajamas at night lowers your risk of getting a cold or flu. Staying warm at night, especially during winter, will keep you warm if your partner steals the blankets again or you spend too long uncovered.
  • While you sleep, your skin sheds dead cells full of microorganisms and renews itself. Your sleepwear acts as a wonderful barrier between your body and bed sheets.
  • An important part of winding down for the evening involves being comfortable. This will also help you get into a deep sleep more quickly and stay there without interruptions.


Look Good, Feel Good

At Crescentt, we believe that sleep and loungewear doesn’t need to compromise looking good.

The saying “you look good, you feel good” holds a lot of truth. We wholeheartedly believe that the impact of this is also huge at home. Home is where you are vulnerable and often privy to judgment mainly from yourself, or close family members. This can have a huge impact on your self-image.

What you wear at home directly affects how you feel about yourself and even your self-esteem.

Self-care and self-love at home are incredibly important. While we do our lengthy skin-care routines, read positive books, journal, meditate, or tidy our spaces – it only makes sense that we also wear cozy, comfy loungewear to feel better about ourselves - especially when we pass by a mirror.

Therefore, Self-Care = Self-Love




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