Mission Statement

Empowering Women Through Comfort, Confidence, and Consciousness

At Crescentt, we believe that every woman deserves to feel comfortable, confident, and cared for, both inside and out. Our mission is to create a space where self-love and self-care flourish, and where women can embrace their true selves with pride and confidence. We curate a collection of feel-good products, including irresistibly comfy pajama sets and thoughtfully designed shapewear, all crafted with sustainability and ethical sourcing at heart.

Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our deep respect for the planet and the community of women we serve. From the fibers we choose to the manufacturing processes we employ, we prioritize eco-friendly practices that minimize our environmental footprint. By selecting ethically-sourced materials, we ensure that every purchase positively impacts not only our customers but also the skilled artisans who bring our products to life.

More than just a brand, we are a movement dedicated to promoting self-love and self-care as essential components of a woman's journey. Our products are designed to make you feel your best, embracing your natural beauty and uniqueness. We believe that when you feel comfortable in your own skin, you radiate confidence that inspires others to do the same.

With each purchase, you join us in our mission to foster a community of women who uplift, support, and celebrate one another. Together, we're redefining standards of beauty and embracing the power of self-care as a transformative force. Join us in this journey of empowerment, as we weave comfort, confidence, and consciousness into the fabric of our lives and our world.

Discover Crescentt—where self-love meets sustainable luxury, and where every woman finds comfort in her own skin while making a positive impact on the world around her.

Our Values

The motto of Crescentt is Quality, Comfort, Beauty. Our production standards are high - so you will only find the best products in our store that have been tested and loved by customers.

Crescentt is owned by Feel Good & Succeed Inc., a Canadian company, which aims to promote wellness & self-care as well as positivity and success for women, through practices on living better.