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Postpartum Waist Trainer - Regular Torso

Postpartum Waist Trainer - Regular Torso

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"It’s so beautiful 😍 and soft, I love the colour. The material feels really good on my skin and even though I tighten it to the desirable size the wires and the edges don't hurt . Some other corsets I’ve tried in the past hurts to put on and the wires and edges hurt and scratch the skin but this one is made with very nice and comfortably soft material. I absolutely love and definitely recommend it for others as well."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Masrah K. 
Verified Buyer ✔️


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When trying to lose weight, it's common to run into uncomfortable shapewear and corsets. Whether it is itchy material that causes rashes, unnatural fabrics that cannot be worn for long, or boning that digs into the skin, finding the right shapewear to wear for long hours can be a challenge. This can leave one feeling demotivated when working on weight-loss goals or simply trying to look better in that dress.

The Crescentt Shapewear™ Waist Trainer is made with comfort as the top priority. With 100% cotton as its interior fabric, it is sweat-resistant and gentle on the skin so it can be comfortably worn for long hours on end. Unlike other waist trainers, the Crescentt waist trainer is designed to compliment the female body without uncomfortably digging into bulges allowing seamless mobility. Enjoy long hours of wear, whether at work or an event along with a beautiful hourglass figure as you lose inches gradually.


 LOSE INCHES FROM THE WAIST: Waist training is a common practice to lose weight and slim the tummy and belly fat. With consistent wear, achieve a reduction in inches thanks to a controlled appetite, more mobility and sweating off inches, similar and safer than wearing a corset.

 COMFY COTTON INTERIOR & NATURAL LATEX: The Crescentt™ Waist Trainer features a 100% natural latex core that promotes sweating for weight-loss and a 96% cotton + 4% spandex interior that is sweat-absorbent, breathable and anti-bacterial. Enjoy sweating off inches at the midsection with comfy and anti-bacterial material that won't cause irritation to the skin. 

 PERFECT FOR NEW MOMS: The Crescentt™ Waist Trainer is the perfect gift for new moms after giving birth. It is tight enough to help treat diastasis recti and bounce back to a pre-pregnancy body by pulling in abdominal muscles and treating the mommy pouch.

 PERFECT SHAPEWEAR FOR A CURVY LOOKThe Crescentt™ Waist Trainer creates a perfect hourglass snatched shape under clothing whether one is petite or plus size. Enjoy shapewear that accentuates curves and gradually shrinks the waistline while perfect for everyday wear or a night out.

 STRONG, FLEXIBLE & LONG-LASTING: Made of 3 layers of fabric, including natural latex, spandex and cotton, this waist trainer is incredibly durable and made to last. Enjoy sizing down with our waist trainer over several months due to its spaced out, tough hooks and anti-wear & tear design for the bulgiest curves.

 IMPROVE POSTURE & REDUCE BACK PAIN: Featuring 9 flexi steel bones to improve posture, the Crescentt™ Waist Trainer is excellent to stand up straighter. Look model-like and even reduce back pain by keeping the body upright through wearing this shapewear.

short torso waist trainer

With 3 layers of high-quality fabric, including a 95% Cotton interior, this durable Crescentt waist trimmer is a must-have if you are trying to lose weight and flatten your stomach. Perfect for new moms, it features 3 rows of strong, spaced-out hooks that will help size down over a few months of regular wear. The 9 flexi spiral steel bones in our Crescentt waist trainer imitate corset steel boning, without the pain and discomfort. Wearing the Crescentt waist trainer helps to improve posture by standing straighter, gradually reduces the waistline and helps to promote a good diet through appetite suppression and mobility. Waist trainers are an amazing gift for new moms! Wearing a waist trainer post-partum helps to cure diastasis recti by tightening the stomach muscles.


Please be sure to measure and correctly order your size. You must measure around the smallest part of your waist to determine your correct current size. If for whatever reason, you receive a size that is too small to close, do not attempt to wear it. The waist trainer should fit snug but still be comfortable to breathe and do daily activities in. It is not recommended to sleep in the waist trainer. A waist trainer is safe to wear but if you suffer from any health conditions, please consult with a medical professional first. Crescentt absolves liability for any adverse outcomes that may arise from wearing a waist trainer.


Outer layer: 96% Nylon+4% Spandex;
Mid layer: 100% Natural Latex;
Inner layer: 96% Cotton+4% Spandex

Sizes: XS-5XL
Torso Length: 11 inches/22.8 cm


Hand-wash only in lukewarm water.
Do not bleach, do not dry clean.
Hang to dry.


If you have any questions or need assistance with picking your size please contact us at or use the live chat feature.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Maria Fernanda (Amazon CA)
What I was looking for!

I like the fact that you can actually breath! I went with the size that the chart was advising and it was perfect. Now that I feel like I'm almost done with this trainer I have to buy a new one, and I'm excited about it!

karoe21 (Etsy)
Can't believe the quality

I can’t believe the quality of this waist trainer. I have four others and I was looking for a model with an XS that suited me. On the other hand I could not recommend this model for beginners, except if you already have a very small size which does not find its size in one which is less structured !! thank you so much for the surprise !!! I really appreciate!!

Priscila Lisboa Hoover (Amazon CA)
Makes my body sexy

It's really helpful with dresses, tiny clothes and it makes my body sexy. The design and quality are awesome. It makes my body have a beautiful shape. I am super satisfied....recommended.

GloriousI will buy again. More beautiful than pic. I will be using daily. Fits great love it!!!

The fit, colors was delivered quickly! 3 days


It does what it says. The quality and stitching are amazing. It flattened out my tummy and side buldges for that slim and flat appearance. Not to mention that it does actually help support your back to improve posture. Keep in mind I puchased the vest.