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Self-Love through Self-Care


Why self-care and self-love?


We need self-care and self-love to function at our best and be the best for ourselves and our families.

I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life, until I had to consciously make efforts to love myself more and care about myself more instead of expecting that care from others. As soon as I began giving myself instead of waiting for others to provide for me what I needed, my world and outlook changed. I became happier, stronger, more resilient and more motivated to do better and be better in my life.

I truly believe that the confidence that comes from self-love and self-care is unmatched to what anyone or anything could do for you in this world.

The amount of gratitude and positivity I feel for myself and for my life, and most importantly, the hope, makes this journey all the more worth it.

With Crescentt, we want women to feel loved and valued. And oftentimes, we have to take care of ourselves and treat ourselves to nice things instead of expecting others to provide for us. We truly believe that in our homes is the place that we need to focus on feeling the best about ourselves.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it was often stated that women struggled the most with mental health during lockdowns. For this reason, we truly believe that there is a need for us women to confront our true feelings about ourselves and what we feel like we are worth. Often, at home is where we tend to neglect ourselves. Loving ourselves comes from self-care and treating ourselves how we would want to be treated by others. Subconsciously, what we give, or don’t give to ourselves matters.

Home is the place we have to validate ourselves without relying on external sources. Looking good to feel good matters a lot – and it truly starts at home, where we are the most vulnerable.

For us, loungewear and pyjamas matter because we have found that time and time again, a comfy and relaxing pair of sleepwear actually has a positive effect on what a person feels throughout the day and when going to bed.

There is an improved sense of confidence, productivity and excitement to do things. Our ladies instantly feel happier, more comfortable and greater self-love when they are in a beautiful piece of loungewear that compliments them and that they have chosen for themselves, which is why we offer a variety of styles and colours.

To maximize the self-care and self-love benefits, our company promises to only choose the best and most comfortable homewear products we can find, that are chic, well-fitted, accessible, as well as ethical, with the goal of encouraging self-love, improved sleep and self-confidence for every woman.

We want our ladies to feel luxurious and worth it when they wake up, go to bed, or look at themselves in the mirror throughout the day. Every woman deserves nice things that make her feel beautiful and special.

And let’s face it, we need to love and treat ourselves first to be our best selves for the world!

Quality, Comfort, Beauty is our Motto.

– Asiya, Founder of Crescentt

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