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May 08, 2019 3 min read

I first discovered waist training as a new mom, after giving birth to my daughter in 2018. I was always someone who consciously tried to keep a flat tummy and cared a lot about my appearance. After giving birth however, I had a new challenge, and that was bringing my postpartum tummy back down. It's quite incredible after you give birth, when you look at yourself in the mirror immediately after while still in your hospital room, how the huge bump looks like a deflated sports ball, which gradually goes back in in the coming weeks! The whole pregnancy experience was amazing for me - quite like the way Kylie Jenner described, who I only discovered during my pregnancy and it was cool that we carried our daughter at the same time. She gave birth 2 months before I did, and I was observant of her waist training interest immediately after.

kylie jenner waist training postpartum
Kylie Jenner wearing a waist trainer


I started waist training very soon after giving birth with much determination, after hearing about belly wraps and bands used by many cultures around the world. I definitely wanted my original stomach back! Waist Trainers were popular with celebrities, such as the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner and looked cool to boot. I liked the idea of have something tightly wrapped around my waist to give me a sexy shape. The hourglass appearance they offer is unmatched! I loved the fact that they have 3 lines of hooks to gradually size down and keep up with your progress. I loved wearing my waist trainer, it was comfortable and not too tight, as long as you buy the correct size (yes, I had swallow buying one of the larger sizes) and is often described as 'feeling hugged' - which is rightly so. What makes things even better - it helped me to stand straighter and even to control my eating (being at home all the time it is too easy to put on weight). In the few weeks postpartum, I had certainly already put on a handful of weight, whereas being pregnant and working til my last day before giving birth had kept me quite slim. Nonetheless, I did see progress with my first waist training experience - and I was impressed on what it could change in me, starting with fostering a healthier mentality and focus for achieving my body goals. 

before and after waist training

It is extremely important to buy a high-quality waist trainer to achieve results. There are things you should definitely make sure of. Waist trainers must be comfortable, ideally made of cotton inside to get the most comfort for long hours of wear. Cotton is breathable and also water absorbent so it would be sweat-proof. Plus, it is much easier to wash the waist trainer if it has a cotton interior to retain its quality. Latex is also a great component to make sure the Waist Trainer pulls in sufficiently strong enough to achieve the waist cinching results. The waist trainer needs strong hooks for this, so that the pressure won't break them, which sadly happens with many lower-end waist trainers.

high quality waist trainer
The strongest hooks and eyelet clasps on a waist trainer


3 lines of hooks is ideal so that the waist trainer is longer-lasting as you size down and lose inches gradually. At the same time, if you do re-gain belly fat you have 3 different sizes you can support with that one waist trainer! Lastly, the waist trainer MUST have flexible steel bones for that comfortable impact and tightness on the body and to hold you upright. 9 steel bones is what I have found to be the ideal amount - not too less and too many. I have seen 4 steel-boned waist trainers often which don't have the same impact and result, so make sure there are 9 steel bones at least on the waist trainer. The steel bones help to improve posture as well, even permanently if you consistently waist train!

Til now I still enjoy waist training. I swear that waist training helped me to improve my posture and add an attractive curve to my lower back. By wearing my waist trainers regularly, several hours a day at a time, I really feel the positive effects on my body. Not only from my waistline shrinking, but healthier eating habits, walking habits (standing straighter and correcting my posture) and having a better mindset to stay fit and to exercise!

Waist training is highly recommended - not just for new mothers, but for anyone who wants to reap the results of looking and feeling sexier in their body!

Crescentt Shapewear offers top-rated waist trainers, with all these high-quality features in one, with a wide selection of styles and sizes to choose from. Check out the Shapewear section on the website, which is continuing to grow to support all women's body shaper needs.

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