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How Loungewear and Self-Love Connect

The right pair of pajamas can have a positive effect on your life. 
I say this, not just as a brand owner of a now-loungewear company, but as someone who has personally benefited incredibly from changing my lounge wardrobe.
I was previously one of those people who wore t-shirts and big-brother sweatpants at home. Hand-me down rugged pajamas. Sometimes oversized nightgowns and unflattering fabric. And without me realising it, these clothes contributed to me feeling mentally like crap at home, too.
It wasn't until I started my apparel company, that I discovered the wonders of comfy pajamas. Comfy loungewear changed my life. The first time I slipped into super soft Viscose pajamas, I couldn't help but to marvel at the softness - it was like nothing I'd ever felt before. I was hooked from that moment on and knew more people needed to know about this. Not only was the feeling amazing, I also loved how I looked in these super soft and luxurious pajamas. Everytime I passed by a mirror, I felt so happy at myself. And, I even woke up feeling productive, as well as comfortable, throughout the day. This comfort and happiness lasted day and night and improved my sleep.  I felt a cuddly self-love that I had no idea just a good pair of loungewear could do.
I'll say it candidly:
Loungewear is good for self-care.
When you wear a soft and beautiful pair of pjs at home, you feel like a queen, or a bosswoman (look at Kris Jenner). It makes you feel productive. It makes you feel physically and mentally well. And it made me feel like I loved myself a little more than I did previously. The psychology behind this phenomena is complex. But believe me when I say it - what you wear matters. Just as when you dress
well to go out, you should dress well at home to also feel your best.
During sleep, a comfy pair of pajamas should be heat-regulating, sweat-controlling, and of course, comfy and soft to help you sleep better.
This is what we made Crescentt for: to really bring love and attention to this important cause. To let people know that what you wear at home matters more than you realise. To help experience better quality sleepwear at more affordable prices, rather than selling junk that also harms the planet. Unfortunately, too many 'premium' companies are harming the planet with overpriced and poor-quality, mass-produced fabric. Fast-fashion is killing our planet and we need to not only bring back quality, but also enter sustainability and be more conscious with our buying choices. We should be prioritising products that have been made consciously and with long-lasting durability in mind.
In my pajama journey, I became addicted to pajamas… and I still am. I probably won't ever stop since the pandemic began! Luckily, no one did expect too much of us during lockdowns, so I really got to revel in my sleepwear all day and night. I got to truly and intimately experience loungewear and different quality fabrics and materials for longer periods.
Crescentt has become a sleep and loungewear brand, because I am convinced that wearing comfy loungewear at home to helps mental health. It's worth it to treat yourself to nice pajamas, especially since you will probably wear them more than anything else!
We exclusively sell high-quality and chic pajamas that we know our customers will love. We use fabrics like Matte Silk Satin, a cruelty-free alternative to silk and Organic Bamboo Pajamas that are natural and biodegradable. 
I personally vet all the pajamas we sell. And I relish every moment of it!
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